Mercedes is working with Microsoft to make your commute more productive

At IFA 2016 in Berlin, Mercedes -Benz announced a new project called ‘In Car Office’ to incorporate more smart productivity features into your ride. The features are going to go live in Me

Nokia Sells HERE Mapping Business To Group Of European Car Makers For $3.07B

Nokia has announced that it has agreed to sell its HERE mapping business to a consortium of automobile makers for €2.8 billion ($3.07 billion), ending months of speculation over its future. The F

Harman And Mercedes Announce New Updatable Infotainment System

<img src="" />This week at the Geneva Auto Show, Harman and Mercedes finally released their long-aw

Graham Mercedes GP Trackmaster & Silverstone Chronograph Watches

<img src="">Graham watches of London is the official "timing partner" of the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One race team. That means at l

Mercedes Updates Its Media Interface

<img src="" />We at CrunchGear love to hear about new tech that car companies are adding to dashboards. Mercedes, not wanting

Mercedes details upcoming all-electric SLS AMG gullwing

Mercedes has an electric SLS AMG in development that will probably take the title away from Tesla as the must have plug-in sports car. The new SLS AMG recalls past iconic Mercs with a sweeping body an

Mercedes first to implement SPLITVIEW COMMAND

We told you about it back in February, but Merc is the first company to have it in a production vehicle. The system will allow you to have two viewers using the same screen, while viewing different co

Mercedes aims to be entirely petrol-free in 2015

I don’t think I give Mercedes enough credit. I’ve never really liked the styling on their cars and they always seemed a little too rich for me. But the fact is they have a history of innov

iPhone integration coming to new Mercedes vehicles

I only own, like, three Merecedeses(es?) but I’m gonna pick up a new one for this sweet iPhone dock. It’s available as an optional accessory and “allows seamless integration between your device&

Mercedes-Benz aims to keep drooping eyelids off the roads

I’ve never fallen asleep at the wheel, though I was once in a car with someone who did. It was only through my Boy Scout training and quick reflexes that we did not die, and he still owes me for

Korean Man Retaliates Poor Cell Service

Disenchanted with his cellular service, a Korean man decided to take an interesting and unconventional approach to retribution. After trying unsuccessfully to get SK Telecom to fix his device he decid

An Intervention: It Would Rule If You Didn't Do This to Your Cell Provider, Okay?

Dear Verizon Wireless and former Cingular customers: While we often share your frustrations and feel your pain, two wrongs do not ever make a right. Yes, you suffer from sub-par customer service with

Vodafone Unleashes Three McLaren Mercedes Phones

Vodafone seems to be getting all the cool phones nowadays and these three new McLaren Mercedes phones are no exception. The new 770SH, GX29 and SGH-Z720M are manufactured by Sharp and have pretty nice