Luminar to invest in Geely-affiliated Ecarx, eyes China market

Luminar, the Florida-based lidar company that went public via SPAC in 2020, has formed a close alliance with an auto behemoth in China. It’s making a strategic investment of an undisclosed amoun

Founder of auto giant Geely buys Meizu as smartphone demand weakens

Remember Meizu, the once-promising competitor to Xiaomi? The Alibaba-backed Chinese smartphone maker is making a comeback — in a way — as it gets acquired by the founder of Geely, China&#8

Huawei officially launches HarmonyOS for smartphones

Think you’re living in a hyper-connected world? Huawei’s proprietary HarmonyOS wants to eliminate delays and gaps in user experience when you move from one device onto another by adding in

Qualcomm announces the new Snapdragon 888 chip

Qualcomm kicked off an all-virtual version of its annual summit this morning by announcing the launch of the the Snapdragon 888 platform. The chipmaker is clearly saving some key information for later

The Meizu 16s offers flagship features at a mid-range price

Smartphones have gotten more expensive over the last few years even though there have only been a handful of recent innovations that really changed the way you interact with the phone. It’s mayb

As Meizu’s port-free phone fails crowdfunding, company says it was ‘messing about’

That port and button-free phone Meizu showed off earlier this year? It didn’t even get half of its $100,000 Indiegogo pre-order campaign. But that’s fine, says the company. Turns out it was “mes

You can pre-order Meizu’s crazy phone with no port for $1,299

If you’re interested in Meizu’s insane smartphone that doesn’t have any port or button, you can now pre-order it on Indiegogo for $1,299. Supply is limited as the company is only selling 100 uni

Behold, a smartphone devoid of buttons and ports

Some call it madness. Others call it the next logical step in smartphone evolution. Meizu calls it, fittingly, the “Zero.” It’s equal parts fascinating and maddening. And while being “

Report: Chinese smartphone shipments drop 21% to reach lowest level since 2013

Analysts have long-warned of a growth crunch in China’s smartphone space, and it’s looking like that’s very much the case right now. China’s smartphone growth has been the feel

Meizu is the latest Chinese smartphone firm to sign a licensing deal with Qualcomm

Qualcomm was hit by a near $1 billion fine for violating China's antitrust regulations in 2015. That was rock bottom -- and another example of a U.S. tech firm coming unstuck in China -- but the chip-

Meizu’s got a $33 touchscreen fitness band with heart rate monitoring

Meizu’s another in a long list of Chinese phone makers with a strong foothold that has yet to make a dent in the US market. But the company is growing pretty rapidly, selling 20 million phones last

Meizu looks to fill a Note 7-shaped hole with the Pro 6 Plus

Over the past few months, Samsung has been understandably manic, trying to get replacement phones in the hands of former Note 7 owners. According to the company’s public-facing numbers, its bids hav

With Meizu’s MX6, Android imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are very much on the ascent, but it’s been a pretty mixed bag. Some have offered some truly exciting hardware to market (read: Nexus 6P) and others, well, not

Alibaba Invests $590 Million In Chinese Smartphone Maker Meizu

Alibaba is stumping up more than half a billion dollars to kick its mobile phone division, which has yet to make any headway, into gear. The NYSE-listed e-commerce giant today announced a $590 million

Hands-On With The Meizu MX

The Meizu MX is an odd duck. A Chinese-only smartphone that may (or may not) be reaching our shores, it's hard not treating it like an oddity washed up on the beach rather than a shipping device. It i

Meizu M9 Clear For Takeoff

<img src="" /> Here at MobileCrunch, we like to keep a watchful eye over what's going on wi

The Meizu M9 Finally Gets Some Proper Spy Shots

<img src="" /> If you haven't been following the story of Meizu, you've missed quite

The top seven iPad knockoffs

<img src="">Either you lead or follow and Chinese manufacturing houses have been chasing Apple's designs for years. The <a

Meizu up to their old tricks, clones the iPad this time

<img src="" />It looks like <a href="">Meizu</a> has done it again. This Chinese electron

Meizu M8 to arrive just in time for you not to care during the holidays

The Meizu M8, famous for essentially being a Chinese iPhone, will launch in China on November 30 and eventually trickle over to our shores for the holidays. The camera runs Windows Mobile and includes
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