• Meizu’s got a $33 touchscreen fitness band with heart rate monitoring

    Meizu’s got a $33 touchscreen fitness band with heart rate monitoring

    Meizu’s another in a long list of Chinese phone makers with a strong foothold that has yet to make a dent in the US market. But the company is growing pretty rapidly, selling 20 million phones last year alone, and with such growth comes diversification – which means, naturally, wearables. If nothing else, the company’s first device to market is dirt cheap. The simply named… Read More

  • Meizu looks to fill a Note 7-shaped hole with the Pro 6 Plus

    Meizu looks to fill a Note 7-shaped hole with the Pro 6 Plus

    Over the past few months, Samsung has been understandably manic, trying to get replacement phones in the hands of former Note 7 owners. According to the company’s public-facing numbers, its bids have been pretty successful, convincing customers to stick with the brand by way of the S7 and S7 Edge, even as confidence in the brand has been deeply shaken. There are, of course, plenty of… Read More

  • With Meizu’s MX6, Android imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    With Meizu’s MX6, Android imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    Chinese smartphone manufacturers are very much on the ascent, but it’s been a pretty mixed bag. Some have offered some truly exciting hardware to market (read: Nexus 6P) and others, well, not so much. Founded in 2003, Meizu is relatively new entrant on the scene, but the company knows how to make a nice piece of hardware. With its latest device, the MX6, the manufacturer has created… Read More

  • Alibaba Invests $590 Million In Chinese Smartphone Maker Meizu

    Alibaba Invests $590 Million In Chinese Smartphone Maker Meizu

    Alibaba is stumping up more than half a billion dollars to kick its mobile phone division, which has yet to make any headway, into gear. The NYSE-listed e-commerce giant today announced a $590 million investment in Chinese phone-maker Meizu. Read More

  • Hands-On With The Meizu MX

    Hands-On With The Meizu MX

    The Meizu MX is an odd duck. A Chinese-only smartphone that may (or may not) be reaching our shores, it’s hard not treating it like an oddity washed up on the beach rather than a shipping device. It is a 1.4GHz phone with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage and has an 8-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi support, and GSM/GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/HSPA+ built-in. It also has a micro SIM slot (which is… Read More

  • Meizu M9 Clear For Takeoff

    Here at MobileCrunch, we like to keep a watchful eye over what’s going on with the Meizu M9. Not because we’re actually interested in owning the phone, mind you (the onslaught of Android phones is already overwhelming without having to turn to the stuff coming out of China), but because these are the guys that got sued by Apple for building an iPhone clone, and now are trying to… Read More

  • The Meizu M9 Finally Gets Some Proper Spy Shots

    If you haven’t been following the story of Meizu, you’ve missed quite the spectacle. One of China’s many fine electronics manufacturers, Meizu first gained notoriety with the M8 miniOne, a Windows Phone CE 6 handset hacked and tweaked to look strikingly similar to an iPhone — so much so, in fact, that Apple purportedly unleashed their lawyers on them earlier this… Read More

  • The top seven iPad knockoffs

    Either you lead or follow and Chinese manufacturing houses have been chasing Apple’s designs for years. The iPad is just their latest victim. You can’t blame them, really. It’s the hottest device since the rotary phone. We’ve seen a steady stream of clones flowing onto the web for months. Here’s the seven best starting with the just-found iPed. Read More

  • Meizu up to their old tricks, clones the iPad this time

    It looks like Meizu has done it again. This Chinese electronics manufacturer best known for its iPhone clones has recently revealed a new product that looks surprisingly similar to the iPad. Read More

  • Meizu M8 to arrive just in time for you not to care during the holidays

    The Meizu M8, famous for essentially being a Chinese iPhone, will launch in China on November 30 and eventually trickle over to our shores for the holidays. The camera runs Windows Mobile and includes a 3-megapixel camera, FM radio, and EDGE. It will also have Wi-Fi in some areas and cost $348 and $421 in the 8GB and 16GB models, respectively. Read More

  • Meizu M8 captured on video

    We’ve been talking about the M8 for about two years now, always expecting this note-for-note iPhone clone to hit our shores and unleash us from the shackles of Big Steve and his minions. Sure, the device shows up with extreme regularity and sure there’s a good changes we will, on day, see it here, but I worry the Meizu’s day is past, lost in the loser’s race against… Read More

  • Meizu MiniOne un-iPhoned

    Meizu just posted about fifty pictures of the new MiniOne UI and what we’re seeing is considerably removed from the iPhone-alike it used to be. Apple’s concepts and ease-of-use are fair game, in my opinion. Copying their UI wholesale is just lazy. Forum Post Meizu MiniOne UI Updated [Giz] Read More

  • Patent trolls kill Meizu Mini One, 50 others

    Sisvel, an Italian research company, apparently has some sort of patent that entitles it to shut down folks at CeBIT. The license, based around MP3 playback, shut down our beloved Meizu along with 50 other booths. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the raid go down. It would have been cool to see the paratroopers. Police raid CeBIT stands [Register] Read More

  • Video: Hands on with the Meizu Mini One Here it is in all its’ glory, folks. The only legitimate iPhone knock off. We weren’t able to see if multi-touch actually worked… Read More

  • CeBIT Highlights: The Meizu Mini One This looks surprisingly familiar. Available in August. More pictures here. Read More

  • Meizu Hua Long IP2000: Yet Another iPhone Clone, But Only $140

    Meizu is now infamous for its many iPhone clones, and its Hua Long IP2000 has just gone on sale in Chin.a. It’s a GSM cellphone that not only shares the iPhone’s general look and feel, right down to the UI, but has a big apple on the back. Hey, at least Meizu’s modest about totally ripping off Apple. What’s kinda surprising it that its specs aren’t all that bad. Read More

  • Meizu MiniOne Gets Priced

    Meizu’s CEO, Mr. Wong, has graced us with details on the miniOne. If you’ve missed previous coverage of this iPhone clone then you haven’t missed too much because everything else has been speculative until now. The UI is strikingly similar, if not, identical to that of the iPhone. Two versions will be released, one with a camera and one without. The entry-level and… Read More

  • Meizu M8 Enters The Witness Protection Program

    I realize that we’re all sick of ‘iPhone clones’ and I swear this is the last I’ll post until launch. To be perfectly honest, this is the ONLY iPhone clone in the works. The LG Prada and Samsung F700 are NOT iPhone clones. I may have said they were before, but clones they are not. The Meizu M8 is now the miniOne and is set to launch Q4. The previously leaked pics… Read More

  • Meizu M6 SP – Cheaper, But Still The Same

    We’re all fans of the Meizu Miniplayer here, thanks to its iPod Nano-like size and its iPod Video-like functionality. So it’s good news to us that they’ve just released an SP edition of their 1, 2 and 4GB players. The SP edition goes for an average of $30 cheaper than the standard editions, but according to Meizu, the quality is just the same. For those of you unfamiliar with… Read More