Meizu’s got a $33 touchscreen fitness band with heart rate monitoring

Meizu’s another in a long list of Chinese phone makers with a strong foothold that has yet to make a dent in the US market. But the company is growing pretty rapidly, selling 20 million phones last year alone, and with such growth comes diversification – which means, naturally, wearables.

If nothing else, the company’s first device to market is dirt cheap. The simply named Meizu Band runs ¥229 (around $33) in its native China – a pretty ridiculously low price point for a touchscreen fitness band with built-in heart rate monitoring. The design on the thing is pretty straight-forward – more or less what you’d expect out of a low-end fitness band.

And along with heart rate monitoring, it offers up the standard array of fitness band features, including sleep and activity tracking, multi-sport modes, call and text notifications (via a small icon), move reminders, and a find a phone function within 10 meters. The Band is IP67 splash resistant and should get around a week of life on a charge, according to Meizu’s numbers. It’s compatible with the company’s own fitness app.

As for that price – it’s too good to be true here in the States, at least. It’ll arrive in China on the 8th, with no word yet on international markets.