Pitch Deck Teardown: MedCrypt’s $25M Series B deck

MedCrypt shared with us the deck it used to raise a $25 million Series B.

MedCrypt lands $25M injection to secure vulnerable medical devices

The Internet of Things in the healthcare sector is booming. A typical hospital has hundreds of connected devices, from implantables, wearables, monitors, workflow and imaging to patient data systems.

As concerns over medical device security rise, MedCrypt raises $5.3 million

As medical devices move to networked technologies, securing those devices becomes increasingly important. Regulators, seemingly late to the threat that unsecured medical devices posed, only began requ

As threats proliferate, so do new tools for protecting medical devices and hospitals

Six months after an episode of “Homeland” showed hackers exploiting security vulnerabilities in the (fictional) vice president’s pacemaker, Mike Kijewski, the founder of a new startu