• Air Voltage: Maxell Japan Announces Wireless Charger For iPad 2

    Air Voltage: Maxell Japan Announces Wireless Charger For iPad 2

    Hitachi Maxell, in cooperation with Murata, has announced [JP] the so-called Air Voltage for the Japanese market today, a combination of a wireless charging pad (dubbed “Energy Stand”) and jacket (“Energy Cover”) specifically for use with the iPad 2. According to Maxell, the device is the first of its kind (mass-produced). The way it works is that users put their iPad… Read More

  • Hitachi Maxell develops magnetic tape cartridge with 50TB capacity

    Just in January this year, we reported about a very special magnetic tape that was developed by Fujifilm and IBM and that stores a whopping 35TB of data. But yesterday Hitachi Maxell has announced that its new high-capacity magnetic tape even offers 50TB. No wonder Maxell and and its partner in the development of the tape, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, are speaking of a “world… Read More

  • Maxell's new flash media seems to be doing it right

    It’s nice when random brands put out devices seemingly unrelated to their other gear, because they sometimes do things nobody else has bothered to. In this case, Maxell, famed maker of optical media, is releasing some new flash memory stuff. Their memory cards, I’m sure, are like any other, but they also offer a 16GB USB thumbdrive with a built-in MicroSDHC slot. How come flash… Read More

  • Maxell Japan releases tubular iPod speaker system

    The world is truly a better place now that Maxell launched another iPod dock. The MXSP-1100 supports all dock-equipped iPods and iPhones with a speaker output of 2×4.2 watts. Not a lot of power, but the modern look might make up for the lackluster sound; maybe. Anyway, the speaker system will come in either black iron or mahogany brown when it drops on November 25, 2008 with a price… Read More

  • Maxell producing synthetic leather covered DVD-R disc, perfect for sports and photo albums

    So you’re thinking ’bout going cheap inexpensive this Christmas by throwing some pics on a DVD and calling it your mom’s present. She will probably love it ’cause you made it for her, but why not pony up, and use Maxell’s synthetic leather discs for a nostalgic photo album feel. The discs will start around $11 for a ten pack when they launch in Japan next… Read More

  • Need new headphones? In-ear are all the craze lately

    In the exciting world of headphones, in-ear buds are getting a lot of attention, which kind of bugs me since I find this style very uncomfortable and they have a tinny sound. Well, the fine folks at Marantz and Maxell would like to try and prove me wrong. Marantz just released aluminum earphones with 9.5mm drivers that produce a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz, and a pressure sensitivity… Read More

  • Maxell Developing 200GB Blu-ray Disc

    Not much information here, but it looks like TDK isn’t going to be leading the Blu-ray optical market for much longer. Word is that Maxell is also working on a 200GB-capacity Blu-ray disc. Each disc will carry eight layers of tasty data on each side. Expect to see these available in stores by, ahhhh, 2010. Don’t hold your breath. Maxell also develops 200GB Blu-ray Disc [I4U] Read More

  • Maxell Announces New Portable Speakers

    The MXSP-100P is a tiny stereo speaker system that connects to portable devices like MP3 players, cell phones and handheld gaming consoles. The portable speakers are small enough to fit in your pocket and are powered by 4 AA batteries, giving you about 20 hours of playback. I have a few friends back in my hometown who feel the need to play music off their cell phones (using their cell… Read More