Need new headphones? In-ear are all the craze lately

In the exciting world of headphones, in-ear buds are getting a lot of attention, which kind of bugs me since I find this style very uncomfortable and they have a tinny sound.

Well, the fine folks at Marantz and Maxell would like to try and prove me wrong. Marantz just released aluminum earphones with 9.5mm drivers that produce a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz, and a pressure sensitivity of 98dB. On June 25th Maxell will release their HP-CN40 with 13mm drivers, which provide a frequency response of 10Hz-25000Hz and a sensitivity of 105dB.

I have yet to put any of these in my ears, so I don’t know if they improved the comfort, but it’s nice to know companies are working on making these mid-range earphones sound better.