Maxell's new flash media seems to be doing it right

It’s nice when random brands put out devices seemingly unrelated to their other gear, because they sometimes do things nobody else has bothered to. In this case, Maxell, famed maker of optical media, is releasing some new flash memory stuff. Their memory cards, I’m sure, are like any other, but they also offer a 16GB USB thumbdrive with a built-in MicroSDHC slot. How come flash drives haven’t had these for years?

Honestly. You’ve got your flash memory, and then you’ve got a MicroSD reader. It doubles your capacity right there, as well as just being handy! I’m sure there’s something like this out there, but I don’t understand why it isn’t hanging there on the rack right next to the regular drives. I’m definitely going to pick one of these up.

I guess they had a positive response to their P2 cards they introduced at NAB. Good work there, Maxell.