• Researchers Create 3D Printed Medical Gear Tailored To Babies

    Researchers Create 3D Printed Medical Gear Tailored To Babies

    Most medical hardware is stock – you go to the closet and pick out a catheter or implant and just stick it in. But what about situations where you need a teeny tiny connector for a premature baby or a specially-shaped brace? You turn to 3D printing. Researchers at Northeastern have begun creating custom plastic and ceramic implants that are customized to a particular patient. This… Read More

  • BENDLAY 3D Is A Bendable Printing Filament That You Can Use To Make Clear, Flexible Straps And Bands

    Kai Parthy is a German engineer who creates odd printing filaments for 3D printers. His previous projects, LayWoo-d3 and Laybrick, are two non-warping plastics that offer wood and brick-like consistencies when extruded. Oddly, LayWoo-d3 actually smells like wood when printed. Read More

  • New Form Of Cotton Can Grab Nearly Three And A Half Times Its Own Weight Of Water Out Of Thin Air

    New Form Of Cotton Can Grab Nearly Three And A Half Times Its Own Weight Of Water Out Of Thin Air

    A new treatment applied to cotton called PNIPAAm can make the material absorb up to 340% of its own weight in water from misty air and then release it as temperatures heat up. This makes it ideal for gathering water in desert and mountain environments. By comparison, untreated cotton can absorb only 18% of its weight in water. Read More

  • Ferromagnetic and ferroelectric: two great properties that go great together!

    Scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory, with help from researchers at Pennsylvania State University, University of Chicago and Cornell University have confirmed the multiferroic properties of iron titanium oxide (FeTiO3). What’s a multiferroic, you ask? Why, it’s a material that is both ferromagnetic and ferroelectric! “Multiferroic materials show both magnetism and… Read More

  • Rapid prototyping gets rapider

    When you absolutely, positively have to have it by tomorrow, look to… ZoomRP. A division of Solid Concepts, the company is offering really fast rapid prototyping. Upload your STL file to them by 5pm, and get a rigid, plain white, 3D prototype in the mail the next day. Read More

  • Super magnet to not destroy itself

    Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico are in the process of creating a pulsed electromagnet that will reach 100 tesla. Greg Boebinger, director of the project, says that these forces are “equivalent to the explosive force of 200 sticks of dynamite packed into a volume of space the size of a marble.” Boebinger goes on to say that power of this magnitude is… Read More

  • Now we’re cookin’ with…ceramic

    Microwave cookology keeps getting better and better. Back in the day, one would just throw whatever in the box and nuke it ‘till done. Problem with that was that many meals turned out soggy and unevenly cooked. Some meals turned out better than others, but ultimately nothing ever browned, which gives food good ol’ deliciousness. Eventually microwaveable pizzas showed up on the… Read More

  • Aerogel: Glass that is 99.8% air gets put through the paces

    The world’s lightest known solid, Aerogel, weighs only three times as much as air. As air, mind you. You could practically breathe the stuff, but you wouldn’t want to because, basically it’s glass. Really, really, fluffy glass. It has been used by NASA as insulation for the Mars Pathfinder Rover. Not only is it a great insulator, but it is also made from silicon dioxide, so… Read More