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Space startup Stells wants to put spacecraft-charging covers on the moon

The portable power bank first came on the scene in 2001, and since then, on-the-go charging has been a possibility for most mobile device users. Now, a new space company wants to bring the concept of

Northrop Grumman leads team to design an astronaut transportation vehicle for the lunar surface

Aerospace prime Northrop Grumman is leading a team that includes AVL, Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost and Michelin to design a vehicle to transport Artemis astronauts around the moon. The Lunar Terr

NASA seeks miniature scientific payload concepts for robotic Moon rover scouts

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is seeking ideas from the public around what kind of scientific equipment they could use to outfit tiny lunar rovers to help with Artemis and other Moon missions

NASA seeks Moon rover concepts from industry

NASA is looking for input from industry — including vehicle makers and tech companies not necessarily already in the space business — as to what future lunar rovers should look like. This

This Indian team plans to be the first private company to land on the moon

TeamIndus, a private company located in Bangalore, India, is the one and only Indian entrant into the Google Lunar X-Prize, the international competition to land a private spacecraft on the moon. For

Video: Tricycle Robot Tri-Star IV Overcomes Sand And Rubble, Could Be Used In Fukushima

<img src="" /> I am not seeing exactly how this robot can be used to explore the damaged nuclear plants in Fukushima (I und