• OK Cupid revamps to be less like Tinder, more political

    OK Cupid revamps to be less like Tinder, more political

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day (ugh, sorry), dating app OK Cupid is getting a makeover. Psych!  Just kidding, the company is introducing a new version of its mobile app today, but OK Cupid’s full redesign won’t actually roll out until March. Though the timing of the announcement is clearly manufactured, the overhaul itself is fairly significant. In addition to getting… Read More

  • Our Cousin Jared

    Our Cousin Jared

    When you spend most of your time working in the technology space you tend to track things like fancy product releases, funding announcements, valuations, liquidity events and so on and so on. People are judged on where they worked previously, what school they went to and maybe dropped out of early. There’s more than a bit of superficialness in our industry and it tends to get worse… Read More

  • #Love: My Biggest Digital Faux Pas

    #Love: My Biggest Digital Faux Pas

    Our attachment to computers can play tricks on us. With the ability to navigate anywhere, order anything, calculate any math problem, and answer any question right in the palm of our hands, it would be easy to feel god-like. Infallible, even. But oh, if that were the case! While our computers, and the internet, do make us instantaneously more knowledgable (and even correct our misspellings as… Read More

  • #Love: Meeting My Real-Life Husband In Virtual Vegas Crunch Network

    #Love: Meeting My Real-Life Husband In Virtual Vegas

    Tinder,, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid. With dozens of internet dating sites available today, it seems that much of the younger generation is comfortable with the concept of meeting their significant others online. But as a divorcee and mother of two, the idea of going online to meet anyone (especially my future husband) was a foreign concept. But when my two daughters came to me wanting… Read More

  • Kim Stolz on "Unfriending My Ex" #Love

    #Love: Kim Stolz On “Unfriending My Ex”

    You may know reality TV celebrity Kim Stolz as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, or perhaps from MTV News, but what you might not know is that she’s spent the past few years researching many of the topics we cover in this #Love column for an upcoming book called Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do. (She also now works in finance with Citi Group.) That… Read More

  • #Love: Wanderlust Crunch Network

    #Love: Wanderlust

    Over the years, I’ve run my passport ragged, each foreign visa and customs stamp an inked reminder of life experiences. I travel as much as possible, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. And even though I often wander solo and choose erratic destinations, I generally don’t get too lonely because I’m constantly encountering fascinating people or things. But one arena it… Read More

  • #Love: Design For It Crunch Network

    #Love: Design For It

    If you believed the hype, you’d think technology was killing love. To start, the search has been tainted, or so people say. Algorithms are turning serendipity into superficial math. Swipe right and find yourself mired in a hookup culture gone mad. Try the likes of Grindr and experience the irrevocable blurring of the lines between dating and porn. Emojis offend the language of courtship. Read More

  • #Love: When Mothers Text Crunch Network

    #Love: When Mothers Text

    I bought my mom a cellphone a few years ago. It was just a simple Nokia flip phone. Something to keep with her on long drives to use in an emergency. She has a penchant for driving long distances, often to see me. The first thing she did was send me a text. I don’t even remember what it said. She probably does. But I do remember the exchange that followed. I texted: “hey look at… Read More

  • #Love: What’s Your Type?

    #Love: What’s Your Type?

    There was a time, I’m told, when the closest that two lovers came to text messaging was written love letters, sent through the snail mail. Perhaps they were from a soldier to his sweetheart back home, or, that’s how I’d like to imagine it. And then, slowly but surely, a period of textual radio silence commenced, driven by the adoption of the telephone. Until email and SMS… Read More

  • #Love: Thanks, Porn

    #Love: Thanks, Porn

    As a modern married male, the times spent alone with my computer and a box of tissues are, in some ways, the best times. That is not to say the manifold pleasures of family life and the wild menagerie of mere existence aren’t amazing, but a body likes to be alone. For this I thank porn. While there is no doubt that there are dark corners of this industry and that porn, to some people… Read More

  • A French Romantic Take On HeTexted, Because Crowdsourcing Relationship Anxiety Feels Wrong

    A French Romantic Take On HeTexted, Because Crowdsourcing Relationship Anxiety Feels Wrong

    As the only Frenchman on the team, I couldn’t browse HeTexted‘s website without having strong opinions on the subject. There’s nothing as cute as a great love story. HeTexted asks anxious women to write their potential lovers’ texts and their context. Women of the world can then vote and decide whether he’s into you or just not. It feels wrong for so many reasons… Read More