• LIFEBOOK S761/C: Fujitsu Shows Notebook With Integrated Pico Projector

    It took them a while, but PC makers are finally building notebooks with integrated pico projectors: that’s the main bullet point the LIFEBOOK S761/C that Fujitsu announced [JP] for the Japanese market has to offer. The projector replaces the space an optical drive would occupy in the notebook. Read More

  • Toshiba Releases Thinner, Lighter Fleet Laptops

    If your IT department doesn’t love you, chances are you’re going to be stuck with a fleet laptop, one of the models that everyone has to carry and is about as exciting as a bowl of melted vanilla ice cream. Thankfully, Toshiba kind of has your back. Their new Tecra and Portege laptops feature a new “ultraportable” design with some rugged build features that will keep… Read More

  • The Best Notebooks Under $500

    Laptop Magazine has their 5 Best Sub-$500 Notebooks post out right now, including the HP Pavilion dm1z. Laptop Mag is known for pretty good laptop reviews and their post is short and straight to the point. Sort of like this one. Read More

  • Tobii Technology Unveils Eye Tracking Laptop, A World First

    A new technology that we’ve been hearing about for a few year finally is getting unveiled today at CeBIT in Germany. Tobii Technology has partnered up with Lenovo to create a laptop with integrated eye tracking control. It is said that it will add to the functionality of a keyboard and mouse, rather than killing them. Read More

  • HP "Updates" Notebook Designs With New Pavilion Laptops

    HP is taking things in a bold new direction, with design decisions that can only have been made by a peyote-addled design team locked in a room with nothing but soap and knives. Wait, no. Looks like things are actually pretty similar to last year, but with Sandy Bridge Intel Core processors and better audio. There’s been a bit of trickle-down from the higher-end Envy series. Read More

  • NEC Presents 3D Notebook

    The world gets yet another 3D device. Today, NEC in Japan announced [JP] a new 3D notebook, as part of the company’s spring line-up of PCs for the local market. It’s the last in a series of 3D-enabled laptops we’ve seen in the last few months. Read More

  • Toshiba Announces dynabook 3D Laptop

    Like so many companies nowadays, Toshiba is betting high on 3D. The company has announced [JP] the dynabook T551/D8B, a 3D-enabled laptop that boast quite a few impressive features (glasses are required to view pictures in 3D). Read More

  • Dell Adamo Price Cut By Another $100 To $799

    Fire sale! It looks like Dell is trying to clear out inventory of the sexy Adamo line of laptops. Perhaps they’ve got something else cooking? Something thinner and Sandy Bridge-ier? At any rate, they cut the price by $200 a month ago, and it just went down another hundred today. $799 is really a good price for this thing, guys. But at this rate, they might drop it to $699 in February. Read More

  • Dell's Ultraslim Adamo Series, Now $200 Cheaper

    I don’t suppose this news will really rock anyone’s world, but if you’re in the market for an ultraslim laptop, this $200 price drop might be the factor that pushes the Dell up to the top of the heap. The Adamo (not the XPS, but the vanilla Adamo) laptop has decent specs except for the video card, and is a fairly slick-looking and compact machine. Check out the specs here… Read More

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