Gift Guide: Solder: Time LED Watch Kit

Geek parents will get a huge kick out of the Solder:Time watch kit from Spikenzie Labs. It's a cute kit that contains all the parts you need to make a large, readable LED watch. Just grab a soldering

LittleBits Is A Nearly Perfect Electronics Discovery Kit

I've been hearing about LittleBits, an electronics kit for hobbyists and kids, for quite a while but I never got a chance to play with them until recently. The <a target="_blank" href="http://littlebi

This DIY Nixie Clock Uses No More Components Than Necessary

If you want to recreate what it was like for hobbyists before the advent of the integrated circuit, this clock is for you. This thing uses "215 discrete transistors, 518 diodes, 472 resistors and 101

What I did today: Nintendo DS case replacement

Not a big deal but I just wanted to write a bit about replacing parts on your valuable and delicate electronics. Friends, I’m here to tell you that while it’s hard, it’s not impossib

Review: Touchatag RFID System

You always remember your first time, right? That heady rush, the embarrassment that turns into passion, that sense that this, this moment right now, is what you’re living for. You could stay thi

CrunchDeals: Free shipping at Mr. Beer

I love me some Mr.Beer and if you get a chance, pop over before November 26 for free shipping on all orders. I’ve made Mr. Beer beer yearly for the holidays and the kits are easy to use and the

Build your own Atom-based desktop PC (or Car PC)

Here’s a nice little weekend project. You can pick up a barebone MSI Wind system (not the netbook, the desktop version) from Newegg for $140. It’s one of the first desktop systems to use Intel’s

DIY Digital Photo Frame Kit Hits the Market

Many of you like your digital photo frames. I’m of the opinion that they’re going to hit mass-market prices and really take off in the near future. Until then, you must settle for small fo

Sony-Ericsson Debuts Cameraphone Accessory Kit

One thing we like about Sony-Ericsson’s phones is how the company has split them neatly into two distinct categories: musicphones and cameraphones. Unlike other phone makers, the music-listening