DIY Digital Photo Frame Kit Hits the Market


Many of you like your digital photo frames. I’m of the opinion that they’re going to hit mass-market prices and really take off in the near future. Until then, you must settle for small footprints and medium prices. But there’s always the option to make your own, and RedPost is here to help you out.

The new photoframe kits include everything you need guts-wise for a photoframe. You just provide the stylization, meaning you can make the frame match the decor of any room you’d like. It’s a little more pricey than most frames, at $550, but it’s full featured and uses a generous 19-inch LDC instead of the 7-to-9-inches we see normally, well worth it.

Seeing as how the machine is WiFi capable and runs a tiny version of Linux, all you have to do it make it match. One could start up a cottage industry doing nothing but custom frame work for the lazy and rich. In fact, we advocate it now.

RedKit, via SlashGear