This DIY Nixie Clock Uses No More Components Than Necessary

If you want to recreate what it was like for hobbyists before the advent of the integrated circuit, this clock is for you. This thing uses “215 discrete transistors, 518 diodes, 472 resistors and 101 capacitors on a massive 10″ x 14″ printed circuit board” to recreate something that 1960s-era James Bond would shut down at exactly the 007 mark to prevent the world from blowing up.

You can pick this kit up for $239 with the Nixie tubes and $199 with standard LEDs. You can also purchase a handsome plaque, suitable for wall placement in your electronics den.

Warning: Don’t buy this if you’re a fly-by-night solderer. As the creator notes:

This kit is for advanced, experienced builders. You need to have an oscilloscope, a voltmeter, and an inquisitive mind tempered with patience.

Product Page via retrothing