• Fleksy Keyboard First Look and Demo

    Fleksy Eyes-Free Mobile Keyboard Comes To Android At CES 2013 [Video]

    Fleksy, the new mobile keyboard that debuted on iOS back in August, was showing its stuff at CES this year. The trick of automatically predicting what you’re typing without requiring much more than your relative tap position and word length is no less impressive than it has been in the past, but Fleksy now has a new trick up its sleeve, too: an Android version that can actually replace… Read More

  • From Typing To Gliding And Back Again: SwiftKey Touchscreen Keyboard Maker Adds Swype-Style Input, Calls It SwiftKey Flow

    From Typing To Gliding And Back Again: SwiftKey Touchscreen Keyboard Maker Adds Swype-Style Input, Calls It SwiftKey Flow

    It’s a tale of two increasingly similar touchscreen keyboards: SwiftKey’s latest move to counter Nuance-owned rival Swype is to adopt a Swype-style input method — allowing users to drag their fingers over the screen to form words, rather than needing to tap out individual letters. SwiftKey is calling its new feature SwiftKey Flow and talks about fingers “gliding”… Read More

  • Review: The Archos Gen10 101 XS Android Tablet

    Review: The Archos Gen10 101 XS Android Tablet

    Short Version: Want the Microsoft Surface without the Microsoft? Archos may have the device for you. This unique tablet/keyboard combo turns itself from traditional slate into an Android-powered ultralight in a few simple steps. Best of all, it’s going to get Jelly Bean in Q4 2012 so your investment, at least for a few months, will be sound. The cons? It’s a little chintzy, a… Read More

  • TC Atlanta MeetUp: John Biggs Looks At Glove That Types Wirelessly

    DIY Wireless Typing Glove Is The Future Of Michael Jackson Impersonation/Data Entry

    As we were wandering through the Atlanta meet-up last week we stumbled upon a charming young man wearing a glove studded with circuit boards and embroidered with what looked like silver thread. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that it was a wild homegrown glove made by a pair of former design students. Read More

  • Logitech Releases Keyboards, Mice, And Speakers For iPads and Android Tablets

    Way back in the old days I bought a keyboard for my Palm V, thinking that I would be able to type into it and become a proto-ultraportable ninja. That never worked, and I worry that Logitech is bringing us more of the same with this dump of tablet accessories including a $70 keyboard, Bluetooth mouse (for Android tablets only), and wireless speakers. The keyboard and speakers work with both… Read More

  • WOW-keys Keyboard Uses The iPhone As A Touchpad

    This odd keyboard features a prominent iPhone dock on the right side in place of a numeric keypad. It has a set of special iPhone-specific hotkeys that allow you to enter data into the iPhone and control music playback and you can use the keyboard on a Mac or PC as well as use it to type directly onto your iPhone. Finally, this weird chimera lets you use the iPhone’s screen as a touchpad… Read More

  • Available Now: An Atari 400 Keyboard For Your Modern Computer

    Ah, the 80s, an era of unparalleled aesthetics and design savvy. Take this Atari 400 keyboard, for example. What kid wouldn’t want a keyboard in orange, brown, and tan complete with oddly shaped chiclet keys and no concern for ergonomics. This homage costs $149 and is made by Japanese company Niyari. Read More

  • Control Your HTPC With This Monolithic Keyboard/Keypad/Joystick

    I’m not sure how many HTPCs are out there with the rise of streaming Netflix boxes and the like, but if you’re still attaching a slimline case to your TV then this may be the control device for you. Priced at about $150, this keypad/controller/thinger includes a full keyboard, two joysticks, and an “accelerometer capable of interpreting tilts as up, down.” Read More

  • Logitech K750 Is The World's First Solar Keyboard

    Ah, mother sun: you give us maize, you give us warmth, and in the summer you give us just a little color, not too much, just maybe a little around the shoulders so we look like we went outside. Now you can charge our keyboards! The $80 Logitech K750 is the first solar keyboard built of fully recyclable plastic. The device has a set of solar panels along the top edge and even includes a luxmeter… Read More

  • iPazzPort: A Tiny Keyboard and Touchpad For Your Pleasure

    Want to control your devices from afar with something that looks like a mini-Blackberry? Want it to have a crazy name like iPazzPort? Man, today is lucky Friday because that’s what this thing is. Ready to have your mind blown? This thing also has a laser pointer! Want to pay only $43? Click on, McDuff! Read More

  • BulletTrain Adapter Turns Your Keyboard And Magic Trackpad Into a Usable Surface

    Have you ever wanted to control your iMac with a laptop keyboard and trackpad? Sure you have. Thanks to BulletTrain, you can! Basically this company selling a big hunk of aluminum shaped like a laptop keyboard without the keyboard or trackpad. Your Apple Bluetooth keyboard fits into a slot at the top and the Magic Trackpad fits into a hole underneath. Once everything is connected, you… Read More

  • Brando Rolls Out Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

    Check out this new folding keyboard from Brando. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your favorite devices – even iPad and iPhone 4. Read More

  • Chinese clone the iPad, add a keyboard

    Well know that’s an abonination. This Chinese crazy pad runs Windows and has a 10-inch screen running an Antom N450 processor. There’s no telling if this thing actually runs or not – the screen looks pretty janky – and there are no prices. Read More

  • SteelSeries launches new headset and keyboard

    SteelSeries announced two products today, a headset and rather interesting looking keyboard. Both products are very much gamer-centric, with specialized features to make them of particular interest for the hard core LAN party player. Read More

  • Review: Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard

    Short version: A competent, but unremarkable keyboard. If you like Microsoft keyboards, spend the extra cash for the fancier and cooler X6. Read More

  • Logitech MK710 Wireless Desktop: Really nice and lasts a long time

    I’m a big fan of Logitech. I’ve used the MX mouse for nigh on most of a year and now I’m typing on a DiNovo Edge. That said, I think I’ll just pitch my old input devices and get me one of these. This is a large, full keyboard and mouse set with a mini-LCD display along the top and a cushioned palm rest. The batteries, if you can believe it, last 3 years per change. Read More

  • MiniGuru keyboard tries to get you to change how you type

    Every so often, some company comes along and tries to get us to change how we type, or what kind of keyboard we use. The MiniGuru is the latest example of this phenomena. Read More

  • Coming soon for Android: the crocodile keyboard app

    The crocodile keyboard is coming to an Android phone near you on December 7! Instead of refreshing MobileCrunch every five minutes, on Monday you can instead refresh every five minutes until the app is released! That’s the Christmas spirit! Read More

  • The Logitech Wireless Desktop treats your fingers to a new key design

    If the Logitech blog post about the new Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 700 is to be believed, the company has come up with a new type of key design. The Logitech Incurve keys apparently “cradle your fingers for greater comfort.” I’m all for keyboard innovation, but I think my standard white, full-size Apple keyboard also has concave keys. Read More

  • DIY laser-controlled keyboard

    This is a wacky little project. Basically you train a webcam to follow a spot on a piece of paper. Then you set “hotspots” on the image and assign commands to each hotspot. When you aim at the spot you basically “press” a button. Why would this be useful? You could potentially create a presentation system with this or help a handicapped person type with it. It’s… Read More

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