Fujitsu’s Future Phones And Tablets Could Skip The Physical Keyboard And Watch Your Fingers Instead

For better or worse, the advent of smartphones and tablets mean that we’re rapidly <a target="_blank" href="

SwiftKey 4 Adds Swype-Style Gesture Inputting To Android App, Plus New Languages, Tailored Typing & Simpler Corrections

Keyboard software maker SwiftKey's answer to Swype has now been added to the latest version of its software, SwiftKey 4, launching today on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablet users. The fi

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Case For iPad Mini Successfully Balances Size And Performance

Logitech had a definite winner on its hands with the Ultrathin Keyboard Case for iPad, a Bluetooth keyboard that attaches via magnets built into the iPad, protecting the screen and adding only minimal

Fleksy Eyes-Free Mobile Keyboard Comes To Android At CES 2013 [Video]

Fleksy, the new mobile keyboard that debuted on iOS back in August, was showing its stuff at CES this year. The trick of automatically predicting what you're typing without requiring much more than yo

From Typing To Gliding And Back Again: SwiftKey Touchscreen Keyboard Maker Adds Swype-Style Input, Calls It SwiftKey Flow

It's a tale of two increasingly similar touchscreen keyboards: SwiftKey's latest move to counter Nuance-owned rival Swype is to adopt a Swype-style input method -- allowing users to drag their fingers

Review: The Archos Gen10 101 XS Android Tablet

<strong>Short Version:</strong> Want the Microsoft Surface without the Microsoft? Archos may have the device for you. This unique tablet/keyboard combo turns itself from traditional slate into an Andr

DIY Wireless Typing Glove Is The Future Of Michael Jackson Impersonation/Data Entry

As we were wandering through the Atlanta meet-up last week we stumbled upon a charming young man wearing a glove studded with circuit boards and embroidered with what looked like silver thread. Upon c

Logitech Releases Keyboards, Mice, And Speakers For iPads and Android Tablets

<img src="">Way back in the old days I bought a keyboard for my Palm V, thinking that I would be able to type into it

WOW-keys Keyboard Uses The iPhone As A Touchpad

This odd keyboard features a prominent iPhone dock on the right side in place of a numeric keypad. It has a set of special iPhone-specific hotkeys that allow you to enter data into the iPhone and cont

Available Now: An Atari 400 Keyboard For Your Modern Computer

<img src="" />Ah, the 80s, an era of unparalleled aesthetics and design savvy. Take this Atari 400 keyboard, for ex

Control Your HTPC With This Monolithic Keyboard/Keypad/Joystick

<img src=""> I'm not sure how many HTPCs are out there with the rise of streaming Netflix boxes and the like, but if you're still

Logitech K750 Is The World's First Solar Keyboard

Ah, mother sun: you give us maize, you give us warmth, and in the summer you give us just a little color, not too much, just maybe a little around the shoulders so we look like we went outside. Now yo

iPazzPort: A Tiny Keyboard and Touchpad For Your Pleasure

<img src="">Want to control your devices from afar with something that looks like a mini-Blackberry? Want it to have a crazy n

BulletTrain Adapter Turns Your Keyboard And Magic Trackpad Into a Usable Surface

Have you ever wanted to control your iMac with a laptop keyboard and trackpad? Sure you have. Thanks to BulletTrain, you can! Basically this company selling a big hunk of aluminum shaped like a laptop

Brando Rolls Out Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

<img src="" />Check out this new folding keyboard from <a href="">Brando</a>. It us

Chinese clone the iPad, add a keyboard

Well know that’s an abonination. This Chinese crazy pad runs Windows and has a 10-inch screen running an Antom N450 processor. There’s no telling if this thing actually runs or not –

SteelSeries launches new headset and keyboard

<img src=""><a href="">SteelSeries </a>announced two products today, a headset and rath

Review: Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard

Short version: A competent, but unremarkable keyboard. If you like Microsoft keyboards, spend the extra cash for the fancier and cooler X6.

Logitech MK710 Wireless Desktop: Really nice and lasts a long time

I’m a big fan of Logitech. I’ve used the MX mouse for nigh on most of a year and now I’m typing on a DiNovo Edge. That said, I think I’ll just pitch my old input devices and ge

MiniGuru keyboard tries to get you to change how you type

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>Every so often, some company comes along a
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