Minuum’s iOS 8 Keyboard Lets You See A Lot More Screen As You Type

Apple’s new relaxation of the ban on third-party keyboards means there’s now a plethora in the store, but a couple stand out. I wrote about Fleksy earlier, but Toronto startup Minuum has a

Fleksy’s iOS 8 Keyboard Offers Plenty Of Customization And Solid Predictions

Apple’s iOS 8 operating system unlocks a key system component, providing access to the software keyboard slot to third-party developers. That’s going to mean a lot of new keyboard apps pop

Microsoft Builds A Mobile Keyboard For iOS, Android And Windows

Microsoft has built a universal hardware keyboard for the three operating systems that have large global market share: iOS, Android, and Windows. The new piece of metal, called the 'Universal Mobile K

PopKey’s iOS 8 Launch Will Replace Written Language With The Expressive Art Of The GIF

We’re on the verge of a linguistic revolution, made possible by the fact that Apple has opened up its iOS operating system to allow third-party keyboards. One of the first entrants will be PopKe

Logitech Releases A Surprisingly Useful Bluetooth Keyboard That Connects To Three Devices

Keyboards, schmeeboards, amirite? But wait! Take a look at the Logitech K480, a unique Bluetooth keyboard that can connect to three devices simultaneously and allows you to switch between them using a

Minuum Previews Its Size-Shifting Virtual Keyboard For iOS 8

Toronto startup Minuum is readying its iOS 8 custom keyboard software, now that Apple has made it possible for developers to create that kind of app. The system-wide Minuum virtual keyboard is nearing

Minuum Demos Non-Annoying Text Entry On An Android Wear Watch

The Android Wear devices currently available let you respond to texts as well as read them – but they employ either voice-based input or canned responses to do so, and neither is entirely ideal. A w

Fleksy Third-Party Keyboard Is Already On iOS 8 In Beta

Fleksy wasted no time in getting its third-party software keyboard onto iOS 8, after Apple announced it would be supporting outside input software system-wide. The startup is also accepting beta teste

5-Tiles Keyboard Targets Wearables To Hunt The Post-Qwerty Holy Grail

Meet the <a target="_blank" href="">5-Tiles Keyboard</a>, (yet) another contender taking aim at disrupting Qwerty -- and hoping to increas

Apple Patents MacBook Keys With Built-In Displays, Touch Sensors And Haptic Feedback

Apple may be planning a big upgrade for the standard computer keyboard, according to a new patent filing published by the USPTO and spotted by AppleInsider today. The filing describes a notebook keybo

Tactus Raises Series B To Help Bring Its Disappearing Touchscreen Keyboard To Market

There were plenty of media darlings at last year’s CES, but few tickled people’s fancies the way that <a target="_blank" href="">Tactus</a> and its <a href="https://bet

Iconic ZX Spectrum Home Computer Of The ’80s To Be Reborn As Retro Gaming Keyboard For iOS

In the U.K., the iconic 8-bit home computer of the 1980s was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Few keyboards have surely been pounded as hard as the Spectrum's rubberised complement of grey rectangles.

Toronto’s Minuum Makes Its Beta Public, Android Users Can Try A New Kind Of Keyboard For $3.99 Now

University of Toronto-founded interaction design startup Whirlscape has made its beta available to the general public today, after a closed trial period following its successful Indiegogo funding camp

Forrester Finds That Despite The Tablet Invasion Of The Workplace, Workers Would Prefer A Keyboard, Too

Tablets! They're everywhere you look, and fast replacing PCs, which are suffering dwindling sales. But just because tablets are rising in popularity doesn't mean enterprise IT departments should go al

TouchKeys Combines Multi-Touch And Keyboards For Musical Magic

The keyboard was a technological spin on the piano, and in that way really changed the instrument, but the keyboard itself has not really adapted to take advantage of modern tech. But TouchKeys, a new

Google Wants To Make Your Android Device More Like A Nexus With Its New Keyboard App

Heads up Android keyboard aficionados -- if your handset runs Android 4.0 or later and you're just not thrilled with the keyboard you already have, you can now download <a target="_blank" href="https:

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case Gives Logitech A Competitor For The Best iPad Keyboard Crown

Keyboard cases for iPad are many and multiplying, but at this point it's a question of refining the best concepts, not creating dramatically different devices. The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iP

Minuum Turns To Indiegogo To Fund A New Mobile Software Keyboard For Smartphones And Beyond

Toronto-based startup Whirlscape believes that taking a keyboard originally designed for a typewriter, turning it digital and calling it a day is the wrong way to go about making the best possible sma

Fleksy Gesture Keyboard Demos Leap Motion Controller Compatibility, Introduces iOS SDK For Third-Party Apps

Fleksy, the keyboard app that doesn't even require you to look at the screen or hit any actual keys to type, is busy at SXSW this week. The startup is showing off its software working with the Leap Mo

Fujitsu’s Future Phones And Tablets Could Skip The Physical Keyboard And Watch Your Fingers Instead

For better or worse, the advent of smartphones and tablets mean that we’re rapidly <a target="_blank" href="
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