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Google Makes Android 4.3 Official, Offers Multi-User Restricted Profile Accounts And Bluetooth Smart

Android 4.3 isn’t an overly dramatic advancement over Android 4.2, but the new version of Google’s mobile OS announced today does bring a number of improvements that should appeal to both

Android 4.3 Available To Test For Adventurous Galaxy S4 Owners

Google's worst-kept secret is the upcoming Android 4.3 update for devices powered by its mobile OS (though a lot more secrets have come to light recently), and we're starting to see that update make i

Developing For Android Is Much Easier Now, Animoca Claims

Software quality assurance testing on Android devices is far easier than it was just a year ago, at least according to one of Asia’s largest mobile app developers, Animoca. The Hong Kong company

Long November: Google Left December Out Of Its Date Picker In Android Jelly Bean OS 4.2

There are bugs, and there are pretty embarrassing and ridiculous mess-ups. This one was is a screwup straight from Mountain View, and it's a very real problem. If you're trying to add your friend's bi

Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 7 Owners: You Can Manually Update To Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Now

Google will be delivering Android 4.2 updates to owners of its Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy 7 devices over-the-air, and likely very soon, but if you're just not able to wait, there's a way to update manual

Apple Looks To Add Jelly Bean, Galaxy Note 10.1 To Existing Samsung Lawsuit

Apple is hoping to add Samsung's latest tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to a list of product it claims infringe its patents in an existing court case in California, Bloomberg

Review: Google’s Android OS Might Be Better Suited For Tablets, And The Nexus 10 Is A Shining Example

This week, Google announced a <a href="">new lineup of devices</a> that would be

N2A Cards Brings Jelly Bean And All Android Apps To B&N’s Nook

Barnes & Noble's Nook <a target="_blank" href="">Color</a> and <a target="_blank" href="

Samsung Mobile: Jelly Bean Updates Will Hit U.S. Galaxy S IIIs In “The Coming Months”

Samsung has already begun to roll out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates for international Galaxy S III owners (<a target="_blank" href="

At 57.5%, Gingerbread Still The Top Android OS; Jelly Bean Climbs To 1.2%

New data on the state of the Android ecosystem has been posted to <a target="_blank" href="">Google's Android Developers site</a>. The big reve

Motorola’s Xoom Wi-Fi Tablets Now Receiving Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update

Move over, Nexus 7 -- you're not the only Jelly Bean-powered Android tab in town anymore. According to a handful of <a target="_blank" href="

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Gets A Taste Of Jelly Bean Thanks To Beta ROM

Well, today's shaping up to be a banner day for Kindle Fire owners. If the news of some nifty features for <a href="

Hooray! Google Now Gets Ported From Jelly Bean To Ice Cream Sandwich

Good news, Android fans. A developer over on the forever awesome <a target="_blank" href="">XDA Developers forums</a> has figured

Google Nexus 7 Review: When Hardware And Software (Mostly) Become One

Little by little, Google is slowly piecing together a more cohesive and complete mobile OS. Having the right hardware to drive Android doesn't hurt either. While the Nexus 7 isn't quite what I expecte

Google Pumps Up Jelly Bean’s Face Unlock Feature With A New ‘Liveness Check’

Back when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was first introduced in Hong Kong last year plenty of us jaded tech folk took a shine to its new Face Unlock feature, which allows users to unlock their device

Google Now Comes Online (Well, Its Homepage Does)

<a target="_blank" href="">Google Now</a>, the smart personal search assistant <a href="">announced yesterday at Goog

Galaxy Nexus Owners Can Taste Jelly Bean Early With Leaked (And Tweaked) ROMs

In a move that shocked absolutely no one, Google's Hugo Barra announced at the end of the first I/O keynote that attendees would receive a little prize pack as thanks for their support. Goodies includ

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Revealed At Google I/O: Project Butter, Improved Search, And More

Google I/O just kicked off at Moscone West in San Francisco, and it wasn’t long at all before Google's Hugo Barra pulled the curtains back on the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system

The Google Nexus Tablet: The Top 6 Must-Have Features

Google I/O is nearly upon us, and all signs point to Google revealing a tablet later today. The device leaked and then over the last few hours several high-level sources confirmed the device's existen

Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Google’s Jelly Bean Android Statue

As is customary, Google has erected a giant statue earlier today on the grounds of its Mountain View headquarters that represents the latest version of Android: version 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is expect
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