Galaxy Nexus Owners Can Taste Jelly Bean Early With Leaked (And Tweaked) ROMs

In a move that shocked absolutely no one, Google’s Hugo Barra announced at the end of the first I/O keynote that attendees would receive a little prize pack as thanks for their support. Goodies included both of the company’s new Nexus gadgets, along with a Galaxy Nexus that would receive its Jelly Bean update that same day.

In another move that should shock absolutely no one, that OTA update has been wrenched from a developer device, and is now available to install for anyone with a Galaxy Nexus of their own.

Well, almost anyone — those without experience rooting and flashing their devices may want to steer clear. Initial reports suggested that the ROM would play well on both the unlocked GSM and the Verizon versions of the handset, though those who fell into the latter camp would have to struggle without their 4G LTE connections. That no longer seems to be case though, as another version of the ROM (as cooked by Team Liquid) has full support for the Verizon model’s LTE radio.

If you’re considering taking the plunge (and I know you are), be warned that this is still just a developer preview — while most of the new features we saw yesterday are present, don’t be surprised if you encounter a hiccup or two. That said, feedback from people who have done the deed is generally very positive, with quite a few people commenting on how much quicker and more responsive Jelly Bean is than its predecessor. You do need to be rooted before you can partake in the glory that is Jelly Bean, and you’re on your own there.