ipod dock

  • Sony pairs a powerful remote with a sexy iPod speaker dock

    You have to give it up to the Sony engineers and designers behind these two, new iPod docks. Both new audio systems are swanky as hell and the one pictured above with the large remote almost seems worthy of it’s $1000 USD price tag – almost.
    [PSGallery=7u6w02rpuf] Read More

  • Alesis JamDock does what a single cable can for more money

    You are a musician. You want to play along with some song or an instrument that’s stored on your iPod (I would never do that). Now JamDock is an iPod dock that let’s you connect your iPod to a mixer. Something you could do with a $3 cable. The JamDock powers your iPod when it’s in the dock. Like you don’t have another cable for that anyway. Read More

  • RockridgeSound drops dead sexy vacuum tube amp/iPod dock

    It’s mighty hard for gadget makers to produce iPod docks these days that get attention. With local pharmacies and grocery stores offering ’em up, its hard to get noticed. I noticed this dock from RockridgeSound though. Read More

  • Audiovox announces the ARW51, AR5100 and Advent Quick Connect

    Tonight in Manhattan at the gala that is CES Unveiled, Audiovox announced three new products to solve your iPod docking, wireless speaker and in-car entertainment needs. The AR5100 is a shiny blade-like docking station with sensitive touch controls, component-video out, “horn-loaded tweeters, a ported enclosure, and premium audio crossovers.” It will be available next month for $200. Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: Wadia 170iTransport iPod dock

    CEDIA is full of iPod docks, but the only one that interested me was the Wadia 170iTransport. It comes from the same company that has been producing uber-high quality, but pricey, digital audio converters since before the last Bush administration. I spent some time with the 170iTransport and walked away fully impressed with the audio and video capabilities. Granted, the unit isn’t… Read More

  • XtremeMac debuts Tango X2

    Yes, it’s another iPod dock. Is it necessary in an already over saturated marketplace? Probably not, but if you were a fan of the original Tango then the X2 just might be the perfect upgrade. The 2.1 speaker system offers ‘precision tuned high dynamic speakers’, tweets and a sub. An AM/FM radio is also included in this iteration. A blue LED display is placed behind the… Read More

  • LG PC12, the jolly, puffy iPod dock/HD radio

    Isn’t it cute? It looks like a little football! Hey, dad! Guess what I’m calling you on! It’s a football! Remember that? Yeah, me to. Anyway, this is PC12 iPod dock with HD radio and standard clock radio functions. As you can see the read-out pops up on the dark face and it supports USB audio as well as standard audio-in. Amazing? Nah. Round? Yes. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 7" widescreen iPod video dock for $60

    Once retailing for around $300, the Video-55 LCD iPod Video Player from Sonic Impact can be yours for a mere $60 with coupon code. You dock your iPod into the player and it functions as an external speaker and video player, allowing you to watch your iPod’s videos on the 7-inch LCD screen instead. It’s stated to work with any 30-pin interface iPod but is marketed specifically… Read More

  • Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. iPod? Check.

    I’m not a huge listen-to-music-in-the-shower person but I’ve had bathroom speakers rigged up in various ways over the years, just in case the mood hits. This new doodad looks cool and it’s certainly an interesting take on waterproof music but it might be more trouble than it’s worth unless you plan on leaving your iPod inside the tube permanently. It’s made by… Read More

  • MC4 Music Cocoon: Frankenstein's Rejected Spawn?

    The Roth Music Cocoon MC4 is the oddest looking iPod dock I’ve ever laid my eyes upon; it looks like it’s straight out of Frankenstein. What exactly are those tubes surrounding your iPod? Those are vacuum tubes that guarantee your music will be heard on levels you’ve never experienced before. If you enjoy listening to music with all the subtle nuances that seem to get left… Read More

  • iWoofer Is Out Of This World

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the iWoofer looks like a cross between a gremlin and some Japanese anime. Aside from its unique looks, it packs a combination of a downward-firing subwoofer, tiny titanium drivers and an FM radio, making it a sure-fire hit in the saturated iPod-accessory world. With an elevated setting you can watch your videos and see the pretty blue lights… Read More