miSoccer iPod dock: The first of many World Cup-related odds and ends


Yeah, get ready for an awful lot of World Cup-related nicknacks in the coming months. We saw the official ball, adidas’ Jabulani, last week, and this week… an iPod dock. Yeah, it’s a bit of a drop off.

It’s called the miSoccer, and it’s made by the same people who make the iPig.

The beauty is that it appears to be nothing more than the same iPod speaker dock we’ve seen since, oh, 2004. Stereo sound, 25 Watts of power, an AUX jack to accommodate non-iPod sound sources, etc.

I don’t know, if they keep making these docks that must mean people keep buying them.

It’s $120, which, I don’t know, isn’t outrageous, but I’m 99 percent sure you guys already have such a dock.