Audiovox announces the ARW51, AR5100 and Advent Quick Connect

Tonight in Manhattan at the gala that is CES Unveiled, Audiovox announced three new products to solve your iPod docking, wireless speaker and in-car entertainment needs.

The AR5100 is a shiny blade-like docking station with sensitive touch controls, component-video out, “horn-loaded tweeters, a ported enclosure, and premium audio crossovers.” It will be available next month for $200.

If you’re looking to take your 5.1 speaker system wireless then the ARW51 may be what you’re looking for. It’s said to deliver 16 bit CD quality sound too. Look for it next month with a price tag of $700.

And last but not least is the Advent Quick Connect system for your car. With two wired mounting pods and a removable 7-inch screen with built-in DVD player what more could you ask for on those long dreaded family trips with the kids. The system can be installed as a single or dual DVD system. This will retail for $1,099.