Electrolux, vacuums do not need iPod docks, m'kay?


Listen, I know you did this fancy-pants study that concluded people vacuum more efficiently when they are listening to music. And I also understand that you want to market the new quiet UltraSilencer vacuum, but for the love of pete, don’t sink to the iPod dock level.

Even if the vacuum could play back music well while it’s working, the whole concept will make a mockery out of the company. People will just point and chuckle at the vacuum with the iPod dock as they walk by it in Sears. As soon as iPod docks started showing up in kitchen appliances toilet paper holders, the novelty officially wore off. Most people probably have more iPod docks in their house than they are already aware of and they certainly don’t need one more in their vacuum.

The point of the concept is to show that people vacuum better when there is music playing. [PDF link]I get that. But doesn’t everyone already have a radio or a TV they can turn on? Seriously, Electrolux, well done getting everyone’s attention and press, but I hope you’re not serious.