MC4 Music Cocoon: Frankenstein's Rejected Spawn?

The Roth Music Cocoon MC4 is the oddest looking iPod dock I’ve ever laid my eyes upon; it looks like it’s straight out of Frankenstein. What exactly are those tubes surrounding your iPod? Those are vacuum tubes that guarantee your music will be heard on levels you’ve never experienced before. If you enjoy listening to music with all the subtle nuances that seem to get left out when files are compressed, then the MC4 is the amplifier for your internal audiophile. Apparently, the vacuum tubes are magic and the science behind them can’t be quantified. Hmmm…I call shenanigans.

The MC4 will support other media devices via the 3.5mm socket, and iPods will charge while docked. The MC4 also has 2 pre-amp tubes, volume control, and protection against overheating and short circuits. Better whip out the Amex because it’ll set you back about $770.

Product Page [via Electronista]