RockridgeSound drops dead sexy vacuum tube amp/iPod dock


It’s mighty hard for gadget makers to produce iPod docks these days that get attention. With local pharmacies and grocery stores offering ’em up, its hard to get noticed. I noticed this dock from RockridgeSound though.

Look at it. It’s stunning. The ISR-VT02 not only looks good but probably – hopefully – sounds great thanks to its vacuum tube design. Said tubes will not rock hard or loud, but they tend to produce a natural and soft sound that is loved by jazz and easy listening. Me? I just like theĀ nostalgicĀ feel and look.


This speaker dock plays nicely with the entire iPod range, including the new iPod Touch, but doesn’t support the iPhone. No word on a US release though Japanese buyers can pick up the dock starting at 34,800 Yen ($$388 USD). I, for one, sure hope this dock finds its way over here ’cause this is the first iPod dock that I have actually wanted and am willing to buy.