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  • AT&T iPhone 3G and 3G S officially getting MMS on September 25

    After months of speculation (and frustration) MMS for the iPhone 3G and 3G S is officially arriving on September 25, AT&T has confirmed. This is a full 3 days after summer officially ends (AT&T’s original deadline was “late summer”) as our own MG pointed out earlier today, but like a lot of things with Apple/AT&T, better late than never. AT&T posted the… Read More

  • Exciting rumor: iPhone 3G S may finally get MMS next week

    The iPhone 3G S launched a few months ago, but AT&T users haven’t been able to take advantage of a few much vaunted (and much needed) features as yet: MMS, Bluetooth file-sharing, and tethering are the Big Three. This, of course, despite the fact that AT&T is the “flagship” carrier! But never mind all that, because today we have some good news in the way of this… Read More

  • iPhone 3GS carrier unlock imminent thanks to old exploit

    An old exploit that worked to control the iPod Touch 2G can be used to take control of the iPhone 3GS, ensuring that carrier unlockers will soon be able to crack their fancy new phones. It seems a piece of boot code was left unaltered since August 2008, allowing the Dev Team to use an old exploit. Read More

  • Farts v. Explosions: Which iPhone App was rejected from the App Store? You'd be surprised

    First, we present Fracture. You tap the iPhone to “crack” the screen and then you tap again to cause the apps to explode, triggering the rest of the apps to explode in rapid succession. Next, we find SkyFart. You press a little man and he farts. Then you press him again and he farts and again and flies into space. Then you press him again and he farts and flies. Then you press… Read More

  • CNBC misrepresents Opie and Anthony iPhone 3G S interview

    Apple released the iPhone 3G S on Friday, and the world is much better off because of it. What didn’t sit well with me is this CNBC segment that aired on Friday. It shows a several people clamoring over the device, saying how great it is, why they want it, etc. But fast-forward to 1:03 and you’ll see Prime Time Sam Roberts from the Opie and Anthony show. Here’s where the… Read More

  • What's In A Name, Indeed. Apple Now Calling It The "iPhone 3GS", No Space

    When the iPhone 3G S was announced at this year’s WWDC conference, I first wrote it as the “iPhone 3GS” and was corrected by a colleague that according to Apple, there was a space between the “G” and the “S.” That seemed to be the case on Apple’s entire website. But today, with its million units sold announcement, I noticed that Apple has… Read More

  • Review: iPhone 3G S, the best phone out there, but power users should wait it out

    First, an anecdote: when the iPhone first launched in 2007 I took it on a tour of Central Europe, namely Budapest and Warsaw. Communism had just fallen and the dreams of these benighted nations were dashed. But as I pulled the iPhone from its protective cozy, the eyes of those present were filled with hope again, hope that there was something better out there, something magical. That something… Read More

  • T-Mobile Will Drop Its Second Android Phone, The myTouch 3G, This August For $199.

    As the first Android phone, T-Mobile’s G1 was a much welcomed entry into the smartphone market. And it may have been considered the must-have smartphone were it not for a certain device from Apple. The reason is that while the Android platform itself has a lot of possibility given its open nature, the G1 hardware simply was not great when compared to something like the iPhone. But… Read More

  • Apple Stuck Apologizing For AT&T Yet Again With A $30 iTunes Credit

    We’ve received a few tips of people saying they’ve gotten an email from Apple offering them a $30 iTunes Store credit due to the problems activating the new iPhone 3G S. Apple claims it is still working with AT&T to resolve the issue that has caused some new iPhones to still not be activated 2 days after the launch of the device. And it warns that it may be another 48 hours… Read More

  • It Really Should Have Been Called The iPhone 3G V – For Video

    Disclosure: I have not bought an iPhone 3G S — I’m still unsure if I will. Apple gave me a review unit to play with for 60 days. So, I’ve now had a full day with the latest iPhone, the 3G S. So far, so good. This isn’t meant to be a full review — that will come later. But I wanted to give an initial reaction based on the last 24 hours, because as someone who has… Read More

  • Flip Has Little Chance In An iPhone World

    As successful as Pure Digital has been with their Flip line of video cameras – selling $150 million worth of them last year – they face a new type of threat that they can’t defeat. The video capable iPhone, and video mobile phones in general, will make them irrelevant in the next couple of years. Flip cameras have really grown on me. A year ago I didn’t see any point in… Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S has landed

    Yes, the major media figure on the Internet has an iPhone 3G S. On initial examination, I’d safely say that this if you’re planning on getting an iPhone with a new contract, go ahead. The price is right and the features are great. Everything on this phone is snappier – Maps especially – and the auto-focus and video uploads passed the wife test who said that this is… Read More

  • iFixit tears down the 3G S

    Here are some comments from iFixIt’s tear down of the 3G S. Theirs also included a girl. * Thankfully, opening the iPhone 3G S is as simple as the 3G. After
    removing two Phillips screws, the two halves of the phone are separated
    easily using a suction cup. * The iPhone is differentiated externally only by a new model number,
    A1303. The lettering on the back is now shiny, like the… Read More

  • Want A Super Cheap iPhone 3G S? Bing It.

    In honor of the iPhone 3G S launch today, I thought I’d point out a humorous little deal circulating around the web. Apparently, you can use Microsoft’s Cashback program that it runs through its search engine (and now through Bing), to get a healthy 35% discount off of the device. Depending on your eligibility for AT&T’s subsidy (more on that here), that means you can get… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Get 35% off your iPhone purchase… from Bing.com

    These instructions are pretty weird, but here goes. Bing has a 35% off offer for AT&T and to get it you need to go to the AT&T site and register under the “premier” moniker. Then go to Bing and search for ATT wireless. Notice the 35% off ad at the top. Read More

  • Poll: Are you buying an iPhone 3G S?

    You did know that Apple announced a new iPhone right? Yeah, it’s called the iPhone 3G S, where the S stands for Speed. So are you going to get it? There have been pics filtering in from tipsters all morning showing fanboys lined-up, waiting for their chance to get the latest and greatest from Apple. But are you one of them? Or are you avoiding Apple, and AT&T, as you would a… Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S splayed out on the operating table

    Happy iPhone 3G S Day! We’ve got the tear down of the latest iPhone here so you don’t have to spend all day sitting and staring at your new phone, wondering how it ticks. Oh, and there is a small, and geeky, surprise hidden within the iPhone 3G S that might reveal upcoming features. Read More

  • Here Comes The iPhone 3G S

    AT&T has just released official word about the upcoming wave of iPhone 3G S device deliveries to its retail locations and directly to customers who have pre-ordered the widely anticipated phone. TechCrunch is here to make it easier for you to skim the information by breaking the press release down to the core items (no thank you required): (after the jump) Read More

  • Our iPhone 3G S review: You can't haz it

    It’s not here. We’re not big enough to get one in the first wave of releases and we clearly haven’t “gone native” with the PR persons involved. We’ll have a thorough and intelligent review up after the weekend. Until then, enjoy the above video of Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. For a great examination of this situation by a site that we should all respect… Read More