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  • Have A "Cheap" iPhone 3G Plan? Don't Expect A "Cheap" iPhone 3G S Upgrade.

    So, after a tidal wave of criticism from the iPhone early adopters, AT&T is doing the right thing — kind of. Today, AT&T issued an update to its policy regarding the iPhone 3G S upgrade price. Previously, only those existing customers who were eligible for a new phone subsidy (typically those within a few months of their two year contract expiring) would get the best price for… Read More

  • Your iPhone 3G S Is Here. But You Can't Get It Until Friday.

    Following up on our earlier story, it looks like Apple is holding back delivery of the iPhone 3G S units that we pre-ordered over the web, until Friday. This, despite the fact that they’re already in the United States, and many had been scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Earlier, several reports came in of disappearing delivery dates from online shipping trackers. That missing date has… Read More

  • Fear Not, U.S. iPhone Fans, The 3.0 Update IS Coming Today

    Well, that was a close call. I’ll admit, I was tricked too at first by a link going around on Twitter right now stating that the iPhone 3.0 software’s launch was pushed to tomorrow. It’s an Apple site that lists the launch date for the update as June 18, tomorrow. The only problem is that the site is Apple’s Singapore website, where the update was always scheduled to… Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S Pre-Orders Start Storming The American Beaches — But Will Apple Hold Them Back?

    Last night, we noted that iPhone 3G S pre-orders started leaving their point of origin in China yesterday, and many had a scheduled delivery date of tomorrow — a full two days before they’re scheduled to hit stores. Today brings more proof of that, as the phones have hit American shores already. Okay, they’re in Alaska, so not exactly at the local FedEx for many of us. But… Read More

  • iPhone 3G S Shipments In The Air For June 17 Arrival

    Orders for the new iPhone 3G S are now in the air from Shenzen, China. And people who ordered them right away last week may be in for a treat – arrival two days early. A friend who ordered the phone as soon as he could got his UPS notice today that the phone has been shipped, and the tracking page on the UPS site shows a June 17 delivery date, two days before the phones will be available… Read More

  • AT&T FAQ reveals no extra charges for MMS

    AT&T will not be charging subscribers extra for MMS when it rolls out, according to an FAQ (PDF) that iLounge found online. Just thought you should know. I was worried about that and now it looks like I’ll be dumping my BlackBerry Curve and heading to AT&T for the 3G S. Will AT&T offer MMS and tethering? Later this summer, as part of the 3.0 software, AT&T will make… Read More

  • TechCrunch's Most Frequently Used iPhone Apps

    Most TechCrunch writers are iPhone users. And while we’re still debating whether when what time we will be upgrading to the iPhone 3G S next Friday, we are excited for the iPhone OS 3.0 next Wednesday. We’ve had a few requests to publish the apps we use on our iPhones – and we’re going to share that information with you now. The following list is by no means all of the… Read More

  • Video: Doom Resurrection trailer (it's an iPhone game)

    John Carmack loves the iPhone SDK. Last year he said he was working on an app that will take the iPhone to its graphical limits and Doom Resurrection is probably it. Thankfully, it was developed with the current crop of iPhones in mind so you don’t have to have the new iPhone 3G S to play it. But if the iPhone 3G supports games this graphically awesome, what can the iPhone 3G S with… Read More

  • Inside the iPhone 3G S

    T-Mobile.nl has a detailed spec list for the new iPhone 3G S and shows that it has 256 MB RAM – up from 128 MB – and 600 MHz, up from 412 MHz. As GadgetLab notes, OS X loves memory more than clock speed. Read More

  • Looking Forward To Streaming Live Video From Your iPhone 3G S? Not So Fast.

    There’s a poorly kept secret in Silicon Valley: A lot of people are using their iPhones to stream live video over the web. The reason this is kept secret is because technically, no one is supposed to have such an app on their iPhone. You see, Apple has not allowed any of these live-streaming apps into the App Store. One reason is because these apps use hacks to get the iPhone’s… Read More

  • Video: David Fincher's iPhone 3G S TV commercial

    Apple has hired David Fincher, director of movies such as Fight Club, Zodiac or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to direct a TV commercial for the iPhone 3G S. The 30-second spot is supposed to push the phone’s video recording feature. Fight Club cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth took over the camera work for the commercial, which was released today. Commercial after the jump. Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S gets the FCC treatment

    You would think this is planned, but there is no way that the FCC is efficient enough to release documents detailing the iPhone 3G S on the same day as the announcement. No way. But here they are anyway. Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S gets the FCC treatment

    You would think this is planned, but there is no way that the FCC is efficient enough to release documents detailing the iPhone 3G S on the same day as the announcement. No way. But here they are anyway. Read More

  • Want an iPhone 3G S? Already have an iPhone 3G? Be prepared to pay $700 to upgrade [Updated]

    Better read the fine print, friends. Apple said today that the iPhone 3G S costs $199 (16GB) and $299 (32GB). But that’s the price only for new AT&T customers. The price if you’re already an AT&T customer and/or are upgrading from an iPhone 3G? Try $699 (32GB), $599 (16GB), and $499 (8GB). To quote Peter Ha: “HOLY SHIT.” Read More

  • Why The iPhone 3G S May Be A Sucker's Bet Right Now

    The new iPhone 3G S sounds great. It’s not a huge update to the iPhone, but it packs a few very important things: More speed, more storage, more battery and a better camera that can do video. It’s a no-brainer to upgrade to it, just as many did from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G last year, right? Wrong. While current iPhone owners last year got to upgrade to the iPhone 3G… Read More