Here Comes The iPhone 3G S

AT&T has just released official word about the upcoming wave of iPhone 3G S device deliveries to its retail locations and directly to customers who have pre-ordered the widely anticipated phone. TechCrunch is here to make it easier for you to skim the information by breaking the press release down to the core items (no thank you required):

When, how, where

– the device will be sold in 2,200 AT&T retail locations and 211 U.S. Apple retail stores

– you can expect these locations to open at 7 AM local time (pre-ordered only)
– customers who have pre-ordered at an AT&T store should go to the same store they ordered the device at, with their receipt, but check their arrival date before to avoid disappointment
– customers who have pre-ordered online can expect their devices to start getting shipped over to them today at the earliest
– other customers can come at regular business hours and will be served at a ‘first come, first served’ basis

Pricing (with two-year contract commitment)

(ad verbatim)

– $199 (16GB) and $299 (32GB) for all new AT&T customers and existing AT&T customers who have fulfilled their previous agreement. In addition, AT&T yesterday extended this pricing to iPhone 3G customers who will be eligible for a full upgrade in July, August, or September 2009.
– $399 (16GB) and $499 (32GB) for existing AT&T customers who have not yet fulfilled their existing agreement but would like an early upgrade to iPhone 3G S. This early upgrade option is exclusively available for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S.

Data plans

– monthly plans for consumers start at $69.99 per month for voice and data, and families who share minutes get special rates (starting at $129.99 a month for two iPhone lines with bundled voice and ‘unlimited’ data)
– small businesses are also eligible for special discounted service rates and can share up to 20,000 minutes per month between as many as 40 employees
– all iPhone plans include nationwide long distance and roaming, Visual Voicemail, Rollover, and unlimited Mobile to Mobile calling

MMS and tethering

Coming ‘later this Summer’ and ‘in the future’, respectively.

How many can you buy?

– New customer: one iPhone 3G S per person
– Existing customer: one iPhone 3G S per eligible telephone number
– Online customer: one iPhone 3G S per household
– Inheriting the good old iPhone 3G from someone else? Visit an AT&T store to activate your device.

So, are you getting one?