Internet Radio

  • Pandora Plans To Lift Its 40-Hour Free Mobile Listening Cap On Sept. 1

    Pandora Plans To Lift Its 40-Hour Free Mobile Listening Cap On Sept. 1

    During this afternoon’s earnings call, Pandora executives said that they would lift for the 40-hour monthly cap on free mobile listening that was announced back in February. This is actually the second time Pandora has instituted a free cap and then lifted it again — it last lifted the cap in September 2011. CFO Mike Herring said the decision was based on two factors. First, he… Read More

  • Pandora Internet Radio Launches Fully In Australia And New Zealand With Mobile Apps For iOS And Android

    Pandora Internet Radio Launches Fully In Australia And New Zealand With Mobile Apps For iOS And Android

    Pandora has fully launched in Australia and New Zealand, the only two places outside of the U.S. where the service is available in its entirety, with the addition of mobile access via iOS and Android apps today. Previously, the service was available in a limited form in both countries thanks to a web-only access trial, but now smartphone users can get in on the action. Read More

  • Allegro Portable Wireless Radio & Streamer lets you take internet radio away from the computer

    Grace Digital Audio announced their latest creation today, the Allegro Portable Wireless Radio & Streamer. The Allegro is portable unit, designed to allow you to take your internet radio choice with you when you step away from the computer. Read More

  • Allegro portable internet radio features smart battery recharging

    The Grace Allegro Wi-Fi internet radio costs $170 and supports streaming of over 16,000 radio stations, Pandora, Sirius, Live365, and MP3tunes. It can run for around eight hours on six AA batteries and the device can detect whether standard batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries have been inserted and then recharge as needed. Read More

  • VTech moves from cordless phones to cordless music

    In the me-too world of wireless music streaming, it’s unusual to find a device that does something a little different. And while the latest offering from VTech doesn’t manage to add too many features to make itself stand out from the crowd, its $199 price tag ought to distance it somewhat. Read More

  • Review: Myine Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio

    Short Version: This good-looking, small internet radio receiver has the potential to fit right in with your home audio equipment. But those looking for a portable streaming audio device will want to look elsewhere, as the Myine Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio is tied to its remote control and doesn’t feature built-in speakers. Read More

  • Internet radio on a stick from Aluratek

    Most of you who read this site are savvy enough to figure out internet radio for yourselves but for the other 90% of the world, here’s Aluratek’s USB Internet Radio Jukebox. It’s pretty much how it sounds. You plug the USB stick into your computer and, boom, instant internet radio with over 13,000 stations to choose from. Read More

  • Review: Slacker G2 personal radio player

    Today, Slacker announced the G2 personal radio player, which is 10x better than the first gen device. The 4GB model handles 25 stations while the 8GB model stores up to 40 are available for $200 and $250, respectively. The Wi-Fi has also been beefed up and battery life is up around 15 hours. The G2 is 40 percent smaller than the first gen model and you can side load your own music to the… Read More

  • Slacker coming to BlackBerry

    Today at CTIA, Slacker announced that come October they will have a full fledged app ready to roll on BlackBerry devices. I previewed this yesterday on a Bold that happened to be T-Mobile branded, but it’s probably a European model. Anyway, the app was integrated into the BB very well and left rather impressed. The app and service are free, but you do have the option of the pay… Read More

  • Review: Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock

    These Wi-Fi radios have come a long, long way. Case in point, I have an old Linksys WMLS-11B from almost five years ago that requires me to spin around in a circle two times, add a single drop of blood to exactly 6.3 ounces of room-temperature tap water, and paint the Toyota Camry logo on my chest backwards before I can get the thing to reliably stream music wirelessly. Fast forward to the… Read More

  • Mobiola xPlayer adds Internet radio support for BlackBerry

    It’s not just iPhone users who can listen to the radio while toolin’ about their fine city. A just-released (well, re-released, kinda) application for the BlackBerry called the Mobiola xPlayer lets you listen to Internet radio (that includes live news and the like) and MP3s (and AACs and WMAs, etc.) Listening to MP3s and the like won’t cost you anything, but to hear… Read More