Tivoli Audio’s founder launches a Kickstarter campaign for his new company’s internet radios

Over the past several years, Massachusetts-based Tivoli Audio has made a name for itself with high-end internet radios, combining classic aesthetics with online connectivity that lets users, say, listen to region NPR stations from around the country, among other things.

Back in March, the company’s founder Tom DeVesto (who also helped lead Cambridge Soundworks, once upon a time) launched Como Audio, which appears to share many aesthetic and technological characteristics with its predecessor. Today in New York, the company showed off a pair of new internet radios – the Solo and Duetto – which look to be at home among Tivoli’s offerings.


The specs are pretty similar on the devices, though, as the name implies, the Solo is the smaller of the two, featuring 2.8-inch color display to the Duetto’s 3.2 inches. The former also promises to do a better job filling a larger room. The radios include a number of audio sources, including on-board Spotify compatibility, internet radio (with access to 20,000 stations and podcasts), Bluetooth syncing and good old Fashioned FM, courtesy of an antenna located on the rear.


Both also, predictably, look quite nice, featuring a number of different colors and finishes.

The radios feature six musical presets, a three-inch woofer, 60-watt amplifier and connect with the company’s Android/iOS app for control. The Solo is set to retail for $299, with the Duetto running $100 more. They’ll initially be available through the company’s newly launched Kickstarter campaign, with delivery set for the fall.