• Back To The Future In Enterprise SaaS Selling Crunch Network

    Back To The Future In Enterprise SaaS Selling

    Given the success of Box, it’s hard to imagine that founder Aaron Levie believes he should have done something differently in the company’s early years. However, while speaking to Storm Ventures’ Jason Lemkin at this year’s SaaStr conference, Levie revealed exactly what he would have changed. Although it is somewhat hidden in the rest of the interview, Levie points out… Read More

  • Sample images from the Pentax K-7 at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix

    One of the downsides to covering gadgets on a daily basis for as long as I have is the fact that I think everything is crap. Very few things excite me and anything that does usually ends up falling short of my expectations. It’s unfortunate, but once in a blue moon does something not only impress, but also exceed my expectations. Case in point, the Pentax K-7. Read More

  • Linux Indy Car Just Plain Sucks

    While Linux may not suck, its official Indy car definitely does. A group of hopeful, brash Linux users got together for the Tux 500 campaign to raise enough money to slap a Tux sticker on the front of an Indy car. Sure enough, the dorks succeeded and managed to get car #77 to put the sticker on the front. Shortly after the Indianapolis 500 began on Sunday, the car crashed and took an… Read More

  • Indianapolis Colts Release Laser-Rocket Armed Robot

    Looks like the Indianapolis Colts are breaking into the robotics industry. Last night, the team debuted its Peyton Manning humanoid robot. Standing 6’5″ and equipped with a laser-rocket arm, this machine designed to play football is able to make insane comebacks in the 2nd half of AFC championship games and flip Tom Brady the bird. No price or release date has been set, but… Read More