Linux Indy Car Just Plain Sucks

While Linux may not suck, its official Indy car definitely does. A group of hopeful, brash Linux users got together for the Tux 500 campaign to raise enough money to slap a Tux sticker on the front of an Indy car. Sure enough, the dorks succeeded and managed to get car #77 to put the sticker on the front. Shortly after the Indianapolis 500 began on Sunday, the car crashed and took an extensive amount of time to fix.

So, by the end of the race, the car has came in last place. Just like the cheese-doodle-eating nerds who get the fat chick at the bar. Hey, at least the Joost-sponsored car came in seventh! That is definitely ftw.

Tux the penguin waddles to last place in Indy 500; Joost fares better []