Index is a clean, colorful app for organizing your ideas and digital content

The makers of Index are hoping they've created the only app you'll need to access all your files, notes and links. "We're giving people a full control panel for the digital world," founder Brian Cox t

Crunch Report | Yahoo and AOL combine to become Oath

Yahoo and AOL combine under Verizon to become Oath, Yelp acquires Wi-Fi marketing company Turnstyle Analytics, Apple improves the specs of the Mac Pro and a new sentiment index aims to help founders t

Ozlo releases a suite of APIs to power your next conversational AI

Building on its promise to give the entrenched a run for their money, conversational AI startup Ozlo is making its meticulously crafted knowledge layer available for purchase today. Ozlo’s new s

Google Wallet vets get $19M more for Index, which helps offline retailers be more like online ones

As companies like Apple, Google and PayPal continue to home in on virtual wallets for consumers who dream of using phones or watches to pay for everything in person without fumbling around for a pla

To Give U.S. Manufacturing A Boost, Maker’s Row Gets $1M From Index, Comcast, Alexis Ohanian & More

The emergence of vertically integrated e-commerce operations like <a target="_blank" href="">Everlane</a> and <a href="

Former Google Wallet Team Members Ready Their New Startup, Index, For Launch

Almost a year ago, an exodus on the Google Wallet team sent former members running away to companies like Square and other stealth projects. We wrote about one such stealth startup called Tappmo, co-c

Japanese company offers anti-pollen allergy ringtone

<img src="" /> Do you remember the <a href="

Bowlingual: iPhone app translates what your dog barks, posts it to Twitter

<img src="" /> Do you remember the Bowlingual, the portable dog language translator that was <a href="

Index Closes a New 350M. Euro Venture Fund