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Metrics that matter: 3 practical observations on valuation

Paris Heymann Contributor Share on X Paris Heymann is a partner at Index Ventures, where he invests primarily in B2B SaaS and data. More posts by this contributor Vertical AI: The next logical iterati

Cradle’s AI-powered protein programming platform levels up with $24M in new funding

Biotech and AI startup Cradle is finding success with its generative approach to protein design, landing big customers and a hefty $24 million of new investment. The company exited stealth a little ov

Tofu automates content creation for massive omnichannel B2B marketing campaigns

Creating the many types of content needed for large-scale B2B campaigns often results in marketers juggling dozens of tools. This makes it difficult to ensure cohesive messaging across their emails, l

Consumer payments startup Braid, backed by Index and Accel, shuts down

Braid, a four-year-old startup that aimed to make shared wallets more mainstream among consumers, has shut down. Founded in January 2019 by Amanda Peyton and Todd Berman (who left in 2020), San Franci

Apron grabs $15 million to simplify invoice processing

London-based startup Apron announced that it has raised a $15 million Series A funding round led by Index Ventures, with Bessemer Venture Partners and Visionaries Club participating. The company wants

Worldover is a compliance platform for cosmetic products (and soon any product)

Meet Worldover, a new London-based startup that recently received $3.8 million in funding (£3 million). The startup is trying to simplify the compliance process when it comes to launching new product

Former head of growth at Slack is building a growth-tracking platform for everyone

When Panobi co-founder Merci Grace began running growth at Slack in 2015, she helped grow the user base from 50,000 to more than 3 million in just a couple of years. Along the way, she learned some va

How Index Ventures jumped to the front of the AI GPU line

Earlier this week, The New York Times shone a light on some of the desperation that founders are experiencing as they try and fail to secure compute power for their nascent artificial intelligence sta

Causaly, an AI platform for drug discovery and biomedical research, raises $60M

Artificial intelligence has been a big theme in the world of health and medical research, and specifically in the area of drug discovery. Today, another hopeful in the space is announcing a funding ro

Vertical AI and who might build it

Some thoughts on the future of vertical SaaS, what the second half of 2023 might hold for Israeli startups, and founder well-being.

Molly Alter leaving Index Ventures for Northzone

Molly Alter is joining venture capital firm Northzone after being a partner with Index Ventures since 2020.

SnapCalorie taps AI to estimate the caloric content of food from photos

While working at Google, Wade Norris wanted to create a project that could positively impact people’s lives. He co-founded Google Lens, Google’s computer vision-powered app that brings up info

GetHarley, a skincare telehealth and consultation platform, raises $52M

GetHarley, a platform that connects consumers with skincare clinicians and related products, has raised $52 million in a round of funding led by existing investor Index Ventures. Founded out of London

AI might be the least of edtech’s worries

While Chegg beat analyst expectations for the first quarter of the year, it also raised a warning that didn't fall on deaf ears.

Last call to register for today’s filming of TechCrunch Live with Persona and Index Ventures

Identity management used to mean making sure you had your driver’s license when you left the house, but these days it’s not so easy: Identity fundamentally underpins how we engage with the dig

Persona and Index Ventures talk identity, and identifying a good deal

Identity management used to mean making sure you had your driver’s license when you left the house, but these days it’s not so easy: Identity fundamentally underpins how we engage with the dig

Meet Liquido, which aims to be the ‘Stripe of LatAm’ — but with even bigger ambitions

The ability to offer businesses more ways to accept digital payments is crucial globally, but merchants’ specific needs typically differ based on geography. In recognition of those nuances, Liquido

Otterize raises $11.5M to help developers securely connect software services

Tomer Greenwald, Uri Sarid and Ori Shoshan, software developers by trade, found themselves building and configuring software authentication and authorization mechanisms repeatedly — each time wi

Covariant’s robotic picking AI nabs another $75M

I took a deep dive with Covariant co-founder and CEO Peter Chen at ProMat the other week. The timing was either perfect or terrible depending on who you ask. I’m sure the startup’s comms people ar

This is fintech’s ‘Noah’s Ark Year’

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single pe
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