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4 climate tech investors sound off on Supreme Court’s EPA ruling

The U.S. was delivered a setback in its efforts to mitigate climate change. Investors are dismayed but still optimistic.

TechCrunch+ roundup: SaaS success stats, leveraging ad tech chaos, 2022 layoff trends

I remember the dread I felt as a startup worker during downturns when I read about mass layoffs at tech firms that had previously been considered ascendant.

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Nigeria lifts ban on Twitter, says the social media giant has met conditions

The Nigerian government has lifted the suspension of Twitter operations more than six months after it first declared a crackdown on the social media giant in the country. Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, the

Twitter ban in Nigeria to be lifted if platform sets up a local office and pays taxes, president says

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari announced on Friday that the current ban on Twitter would be lifted, but only if the social media giant met certain conditions. The president disclosed this during h

Report says Quibi lost 92% of its earliest users after free trials expired

The Independence Day weekend was a big one for Quibi — it was time to see how many of their earliest subscribers would convert from free users to paid subscribers. Early reports indicate that th

NASA and FEMA are contingency planning for a potential asteroid Armageddon

When it comes to planning for a potential asteroid strike on planet Earth, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency don’t want to miss a thi

Don’t Turn Internet Independence Into Government Dependence

April marks the 20th anniversary of the commercialization of the Internet, ironically, the very same month that the Federal Communications Commission’s new Open Internet regulations were officially

Yes~! There will be Independence Day sequels, Will Smith will be all over them

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Watch out, there's a computer virus (well, worm) aboard the International Space Station

Remember that scene in Independence Day when Jeff Goldblum’s character suggests the U.S. upload a computer virus to the alien mothership in order to take it out? It’s one of Hollywood&#821

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day, folks. The CrunchGear team wishes everyone a happy and safe 4th. Enjoy the fireworks, BBQ and your day off. Posting will be light today, so we’ll see everyone tomorrow!