IDrive launches e2, a new S3-compatible object storage service

Over the course of the last few years, IDrive, the company best known for its backup service, has slowly been adding more cloud computing features to its platform. It launched a developer-focused face

BMW wants to turn your car into a rolling cinema

After fitting some of its cars with comfy lounge chairs at CES 2020, BMW today unveiled the next step in its in-car entertainment story: a 31-inch 8K smart TV with support for Amazon’s Fire TV s

BMW takes the wraps off the i4, its first all-electric sedan

BMW plans to have 25 electrified cars in its lineup by 2025 and it’s taking a few more steps in this direction this year with the launch of the all-electric iX SUV and the i4 sedan. Today, for t

BMW debuts the next generation of its iDrive operating system

For modern cars, the standalone, photo-frame-like display in the center of the dashboard has become something of a default. But with its next-generation iDrive 8 system, BMW is moving away from this d

BMW previews its next-gen iDrive infotainment system

At CES 2021, BMW today provided us with a first glimpse of the future of its iDrive system, 20 years after it first launched in the 2001 7 Series. Today’s announcement mostly focuses on the past

Backup service IDrive launches a face recognition API for developers

I did a bit of a double take when I first saw this announcement. IDrive, an online cloud storage and backup service, is launching a face recognition API today that goes up against the likes of AWS Rek

IDrive’s Vault enterprise backup service adds AWS support

IDrive is probably best known for its consumer and small business backup service, but the company has also long offered Vault, an enterprise version of its software and a matching hardware appliance t

BMW announces Android app integration

BMW was among the first auto manufacturers to introduce integration with iPhones in 2011. Now, five years later, the company has at last announced at the New York International Auto Show that BMW App

iDrive Debuts 1 TB And 2 TB Wireless Drives Offering Encrypted Local Backups And Cloud Storage

Cloud storage and backup company iDrive today launched its first hardware product sold directly to consumers and businesses, with the debut of the new iDrive Wi-Fi. The encrypted external drive offer

iDrive Launches OOLOO, A Voice Search App Powered By People, Not Algorithms

iDrive, a company better known for its data backup and syncing services, is now branching out in a new direction with the launch of a mobile application called OOLOO. (Seriously, we're running out of

Backup Service IDrive Adds Sync Functionality

The online backup service IDrive today announced that it is going beyond only backing up your data and is adding a sync feature to its lineup that will automatically keep files on different machines u

IDrive Launches Long-Term Data Archival Service Via Shipped Hard Drives

Cloud storage and data backup service <a target="_blank" href="">IDrive</a> today announced the launch of a new long-term archival service that allows users to ship data to the compa

IDrive Launches Facebook Backup So You Never Lose The Photos And Videos You Were Tagged In

IDrive, like most online backup services, has long focused on keeping the data on your local hard drive safe by backing it up to the cloud. Now, however, the company is launching a new product that ex

Backup Service IDrive Now Ships 1TB Hard Disks To Users Who Want To Back Up Large Amounts Of Data

Online backup service <a target="_blank" href="">IDrive</a> today announced a <a target="_blank" href="">new service</a> that allows its users

Bootstrapped Company Behind iDrive, iBackup Is Fed Up With Patent Trolls

Normally, one doesn't learn about patent infringement litigation through press releases, and if it does happen it's usually the company initiating the lawsuit(s) that intends to make some noise. T

New BMWs To Sport Apple Interface, iPad And iPod Out Integration

<img src="" />The Paris Motor show is going on now. The usual car unveilings are a given, but also the sho

Mobile contacts backup solution IDrive Lite gets an upgrade

<img src="" width="173" height="200" /><a href="">IDrive Lite</a> is easily one of my favori

IDrive Lite, A Contacts Backup App For iPhone And BlackBerry, Gets Even Better

<img src="" width="173" height="200" /><a href="">IDrive Lite</a> is easily one of my favorite

Backup And Share Your iPhone Contacts For Free With IDrive Lite

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /> We don't write about every iPhone application that we come across (there are other sites doing