Lyra Health raises $45M to create a smart network for treating mental health problems

Treating issues with mental health can be a daunting and very sensitive task for anyone that is suffering from any kind of mental illness — but the problem for many is that a lot of patients just d

Huddle is a mental health app that aims to be a safe space to share with peers

Dan Blackman’s father was a well-known man in the community of his small Pennsylvania town. He was a lawyer, ran a good business and everyone liked him and liked drinking with him. His dad died

Huddle Co-Founder Alastair Mitchell Steps Down As CEO, Morten Brogger Steps In

On the heels of a $51 million round of funding, cloud collaboration company Huddle today announced a changing of the guard to lead the company to its next stage. Co-founder Alastair Mitchell is step

Enterprise Cloud Service Huddle Raises A $51M Growth Round At $250M-$300M Valuation

More rising fortunes for enterprise startups focused on cloud services. Huddle, the enterprise cloud collaboration company that competes with the likes of Microsoft’s Office 365, is today annou

Why European Enterprise Startups Should (Or Shouldn’t) Move To Silicon Valley

Should European enterprise startups stay in Europe or head to Silicon Valley? That’s a question our enterprise panel with TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden, Klarna‘s Niklas Adalberth, Huddl

Prepping For IPO, Huddle Tools Its Cloud Collaboration Platform For U.S. Intel Honchos Dept Of Homeland Security And NGA

A big advance today for <a target="_blank" href="">Huddle</a>, the enterprise cloud collaboration platform: the company <a target="_blank" href="

The Rise Of The Enterprise Startup: Consumerization And Clouds Open The Door, Disruption Closes The Deal

It was only a few years ago that selling IT to enterprises was the terrain mainly of large companies like IBM, Oracle and Accenture. And in a market that is forecast to be worth some <a href="https://

Huddle Takes On Microsoft/Yammer, Puts Social Features Into Its Collaboration Platform (Like Google Docs But With Conversation)

<a target="_blank" href="">Huddle</a>, the cloud collaboration company that picked up <a href="">$25 million in funding

Enterprise Cloud Developments: Huddle Sync Is All About Pushing ‘Need To Know’ Content

Another cloud startup is making enhancements to improve the performance and functionality of its services. This one is squarely for enterprises and comes from Huddle, which today is announcing Huddle

Google+ Renames Its Group Messaging App; From The Already Taken ‘Huddle’ To, Get This, ‘Messenger’

Google made a series of announcements this morning, most notably opening up its Google+ social product to everyone as its 100th feature. Not content to stop there, Google followed up with Google+ feat

Huddle introduces 'Adoption Guarantee'; heads to Silicon Roundabout

<img alt="" src="" title="Huddle" class="shot" width="250" height="74" />There's an argument that says that more enterp

Huddle hopes to wean UK government off SharePoint

<img alt="" src="" title="Huddle" class="shot" width="250" height="74" />No one ever got fired for buying Microsoft, ri

Huddle Puts Its Big Funding Round To Work, Begins To Revamp Core Feature Set

<a href=""><img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /></a>Earlier this year <a href="">Huddle</a>, a UK

The guide to getting a base in Silicon Valley for your European startup

<img src="" class="shot2" />In what is possibly the best presented and above all realistic exposition I've yet seen on

Huddle Lands $10.2 Million To Expand Collaborative Workspaces To The U.S.

<img src="" class="shot2">We're big fans of UK-based startup <a href="ht

Huddle Takes Top Prize At Microsoft's SharePoint SocialFest

<img src="" width="171" height="162" />Last week, Microsoft invited seven <a href="">B

Huddle's Collaboration App To Go On 25 Million HP Business PCs

<img src="" width="215" height="89" />UK collaboration startup <a href="">Huddle</a> has se

Huddle Launches iPhone App, Microsoft Office Plug-In And Web Conferencing Tool

<img src="" width="109" height="200" /> Collaboration applications are becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise space. Start

Huddle adds more new features, but where's the mobile app? Coming, apparently

I’ll be honest. I never quite understood what you could do with Huddle that you couldn’t with, say, the latest versions of Microsoft Office. (Woah, steady on there. I’m just sayin&#8 launches on a million social networks, via Ning Apps

Online collaboration startup has scored a win with the launch of Huddle Workspaces on Ning Apps, a new suite of social networking applications that Ning network creators will be able to de
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