• Huddle introduces 'Adoption Guarantee'; heads to Silicon Roundabout

    There’s an argument that says that more enterprises would adopt cloud-based alternatives to legacy desktop software if it wasn’t for those pesky users. That’s presuming that you can get buy in from the IT department first. But presuming that is the case, Huddle has an interesting offer: the company is introducing the ‘Huddle Adoption Guarantee’ for its… Read More

  • Huddle hopes to wean UK government off SharePoint

    No one ever got fired for buying Microsoft, right? For too long that’s been the story in both enterprise and government contracts alike. It’s also a narrative that too-often stops startups getting in on the action with regards to public sector IT provision. But with the UK government making loud noises in relation to the benefits of cloud computing and services, perhaps change… Read More

  • Huddle Puts Its Big Funding Round To Work, Begins To Revamp Core Feature Set

    Earlier this year Huddle, a UK-based company that offers collaborative workspaces as a service, closed a $10.2 million funding round. And it’s putting that money to work: it’s tripled its engineering staff over the last few months, and its overall headcount has jumped from 25 to 60 spread between London and a new San Francisco office. Today, we’re going to see the first fruits… Read More

  • The guide to getting a base in Silicon Valley for your European startup

    In what is possibly the best presented and above all realistic exposition I’ve yet seen on what it’s like to extend a European startup into Silicon Valley, Andy McLoughlin, co-founder with Alastair Mitchell, of Huddle, socked it to the crowd at the annual Future of Web Apps London event this week. “Fighting and Thriving in the Valley” is a step-by-step look at what… Read More

  • Huddle Lands $10.2 Million To Expand Collaborative Workspaces To The U.S.

    We’re big fans of UK-based startup Huddle, which offers a business-friendly collaboration and storage platform for the workplace. Today the startup is announcing that it has closed $10.2 million in Series B funding led by Matrix Partners, existing investors Eden Ventures and Charles McGregor, participating in the round. This brings Huddle’s total funding to $15 million. Huddle… Read More

  • Huddle Takes Top Prize At Microsoft's SharePoint SocialFest

    Last week, Microsoft invited seven BizSpark startups from around the world to a special event called the SharePoint 2010 SocialFest. Each company was invited to spend the week working in close collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint team members, as they tried to take their existing products and see how they could be used to leverage SharePoint. The event culminated in a demo day on Friday… Read More

  • Huddle's Collaboration App To Go On 25 Million HP Business PCs

    UK collaboration startup Huddle has secured something of a first for a company of its size, and location. It’s signed a two-year deal with Hewlett Packard to enable direct access to its service on the 25 million business PCs HP sells annually. Huddle will be in a suite of five trial applications included on every HP business computer, starting in the U.S. and extending to the rest of… Read More

  • Huddle Launches iPhone App, Microsoft Office Plug-In And Web Conferencing Tool

    Collaboration applications are becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise space. Startup has been steadily accumulating innovative features to its business-friendly collaboration platform and quickly adding big name companies, including Samsung and Panasonic, as clients. Huddle is a network of secure online workspaces where you can share files, collaborate on ideas, manage… Read More

  • Huddle adds more new features, but where's the mobile app? Coming, apparently

    I’ll be honest. I never quite understood what you could do with Huddle that you couldn’t with, say, the latest versions of Microsoft Office. (Woah, steady on there. I’m just sayin’. And since you bring it up, yes, I think Word 2007 is the best word processor ever conceived by man. No, really.) Sure, it was nice and shiny, and I liked the people who worked there, and Gosh! Read More

  • launches on a million social networks, via Ning Apps

    Online collaboration startup has scored a win with the launch of Huddle Workspaces on Ning Apps, a new suite of social networking applications that Ning network creators will be able to deploy across their networks. A few pre-selected network creators have access to a private beta of Ning Apps as of today, and it’ll be available to everyone on Ning by the end of the… Read More

  • The Next Web Is Just Around The Corner (The Conference, That Is)

    The Next Web Conference 2009 in Amsterdam is quickly approaching, and it’s promising to be a good show again this year even if it won’t be Erick Schonfeld moderating the event this time. TechCrunch Europe’s Mike Butcher will be there though, and so will I, so hook up with us if you’re heading down to the conference too. In case you haven’t registered yet… Read More