launches on a million social networks, via Ning Apps

Online collaboration startup has scored a win with the launch of Huddle Workspaces on Ning Apps, a new suite of social networking applications that Ning network creators will be able to deploy across their networks. A few pre-selected network creators have access to a private beta of Ning Apps as of today, and it’ll be available to everyone on Ning by the end of the month.

Ning is one of the fastest growing social networks there is; it gets between 85,000 and 100,000 new users every day and it’s recently seen the creation of its 1 millionth network. It’s incredibly popular with the charity and voluntary sector, and a lot of businesses use it as an intranet out of the box, making it an ideal platform for Huddle to grow its user base.

Each user receives 1Gb of free storage and can invite and work together with unlimited connections. Network creators can design intranets for their groups, share confidential information or store a networks’ documentation. They also gain access to additional features such as audio and web conferencing, task management, whiteboards, audit trails, version control and multi-lingual interface.

The launch means Ning users can stick with their social network of choice, and still collaborate across the wider Huddle network and other social networks which feature Huddle – LinkedIn, Facebook and a soon-to-be announced social network which Huddle’s product director and co-founder Andy McLoughlin says they’ll be launching on in the near future.

Huddle has already proven a popular collaboration tool amongst the UK and global organisations including P&G, Boots, Nokia and UNICEF as well as the government. If you’re interested in the thinking that’s helped the team progress this far this fast, take a look at Bob Gregory’s blog post about building trust in the online development space. It’s a good’un.