Classiq raises additional funding for its quantum algorithm design tools

Tel Aviv-based Classiq, a startup that wants to make it easier for developers to build quantum algorithms and applications, today announced that it has raised additional funding for its service by add

Combining machine learning tools for medical imaging with genetic sequencing nets Sophia Genetics $110M

SOPHiA GENETICS, the shoutily and poorly capitalized-named startup that’s combining machine learning tools for medical imaging and genetic sequencing to come up with a more holistic view of dise

Hitachi Vantara acquires what’s left of Containership

Hitachi Vantara, the wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi that focuses on building hardware and software to help companies manage their data, today announced that it has acquired the assets of Container

Japan’s ‘Society 5.0’ initiative is a road map for today’s entrepreneurs

Japan, still suffering the consequences of its "Lost Decade" of economic stagnation, is eyeing a transformation more radical than any the industrialized world has ever seen.

Draper Nexus closes $175 million fund, LP’s include Panasonic, Canon and other Japanese tech giants

Early stage venture firm, Draper Nexus, has closed its second fund at $175 million, according to Managing Director Q Motiwala. Its debut fund closed in 2013, at $50 million. Limited partners in Draper

4K Hitachi TVs with Roku built-in are coming to a Sam’s Club near you

You could buy a TV and a Roku player, or you could just go crazy and buy a TV with Roku OS built in. A small handful of TV manufacturers have jumped on the Roku TV train already, including Sharp, Hise

If you’re flying via Haneda Airport, you can now ask this robot for directions

Robots are friends! Or at least, at Haneda Airport if you see one of the little buddies above, you can feel confident approaching it and ask it for help. The Hitachi EMIEW3 humanoid robot begins its f

How Hardware-as-a-Service will save IoT

Here’s the dirty little secret about the Internet of Things: The things might not work, and you might not use them. As a consumer, many of your gadgets will collect dust tucked away in a drawer. As

Tapping Into The Emotional Internet

Wearables currently decipher physiological biometrics -- heart rate, pulse, caloric intake. But in the coming years, we’ll see emotion-sensing wearable technology that clues us into specific human e

Hitachi And Mitsubishi Stop Domestic Production Of TVs, Optical Discs

Two big Japanese electronics companies, namely <a href="">Hitachi</a> and <a href="">Mitsubishi</a>, are to stop producing parts

Japan Display, Inc.: Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi Finalize Deal To Merge Display Units

The deal has been in the <a href="">making</a> <a href="

Hitachi Updates Its Amazing Naked-Eye 3D Display Technology

The <a href="">CEATEC 2011</a> exhibition in Japan is just one day away, and Hitachi is already showing one of its coolest products: the company has been working on glass

Hitachi Develops Low-Cost, High-Quality 4.5-Inch LCDs For Phones

Back in February this year, Hitachi Displays <a href="">took the wraps off</a> a super-advanced LCD for smartphones t

Sony, Hitachi And Toshiba Make Their LCD Business Merger Official

<a href="">Yesterday</a>, we reported about <a href="">Sony<

Sony, Hitachi And Toshiba To Merge Operations For Small And Mid-Sized LCDs

Quite big news from <a href="">Sony</a>, <a href="">Hitachi</a>, and <a href="">Toshiba</a> today: a

P50-GP08: Hitachi’s Last (?) Flagship TV Can Be Controlled Via iPad/iPhone

Just last week, <a href="">Hitachi</a> decided to <a href="">pull the plug</a> on their do

Hitachi To Stop Producing TVs By Year-End

After <a href="">Pioneer</a> decided to <a href="">shut down</a> its TV business i

Hitachi Develops 4.5-Inch, Naked-Eye 3D LCD Screen With HD Resolution

Hitachi <a href="">announced</a> [JP] a new mobile <a href="">3D</a> screen today: the IPS-based LCD is sized at a respe

Hitachi Wants To Join Toshiba And Sony In LCD-Maker Mega-Merge

While the nuances of this enormous, enormous business deal are certainly lost on this poor tech blogger, I thought it worthwhile to mention that three major Japanese tech companies are considering mer

Hitachi Releases G-Connect Wireless Storage For iPad

It’s nice to have a few hundred gigabytes in your bag and when the first guys to the wireless hard drive party, Seagate, released the Satellite, they piqued my interest by allowing those gigabyt
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