Hitachi Announces "World's Smallest And Lightest" Short-Focus Projectors

<img src="" /> Hitachi <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the CP-A300NJ

Hitachi Announces 500GB iVDR (A Portable HDD Cart)

<img src="" /> Never heard of <a href="">iVDR</a>? You are probably not alone. The iVDR (

Hitachi To Offer Super-Advanced Smartphone LCD Display

<img src="" /> <a href="">Hitachi</a> subsidiary <a href="

i.μ's: Hitachi Announces Two New Portable Audio Players

<img src="" /> Hitachi Japan today <a href="">announced</a> [JP] two new models

CEATEC 2010: Hitachi's Awesome LCD Projector Demo (Videos)

<img src="" /> Projectors might be great for movies and essential for presentations, but they are rarely sexy. A notable exception c

Hitachi Shows 30% Thinner LCD Touch Screen Prototype

<img src="" /> I don't think thickness in LCD screens is that big a problem anymore, but the thinner, the better, right? Hitach

Video: Hitachi's Autonomous Delivery Robot

<img src="" /> It's not as cute as <a href="">Muratec's MKR-003</a>, but Hitachi'

Review: Hitachi 42-inch Ultravision HDTV – LE42S704

Once upon a time HDTVs fascinated me. I loved the depth of the colors and amazing detail they produced. But that was 7 years ago when they were new and exciting. Now I walk into Best Buy and my eyes g

New York Alleges LCD Price-Fixing By LG, Hitachi, Samsung, and Sharp

Accusations of price fixing like those now being filed in New York are nothing new, but as it turns out, the penalties don’t really stick. LG and Sharp paid hundreds of millions in a settlement

Hands-on with the Hitachi Life Studio Mobile Plus

The Hitachi Life Studio is supposed to be the next generation of portable drives. Aside from the odd addition of a magnetic flash drive to the front of the case, this clever little drive includes medi

Video gallery: Hitachi's humanoid robot EMIEW2 in action

<img src="" /> Hitachi has recently shown a new version of its humanoid <a href="

Hitachi unveils super-fast, super-slim HDD for laptops

<img src="" /> Hitachi Global Storage Technologies <a href="

Japanese government believes in future full of mind-reading devices

<img src="" /> Mind-reading devices are <a href="

For the Nintendo 3DS? Hitachi develops glasses-free, mobile 3D display

<img src="" /> <a href="">S

New Hitachi tech to double lithium-ion battery life

<img src="" /> <a href="">Lithium-ion batteries</a> are everywhere, powering small <a href="

EMIEW2: Hitachi updates its cute humanoid robot

<img src="" /> We last blogged about <a href="">EMIEW2</a>, a two-legged robot

Hitachi Japan rolls out 11 new plasma and LCD TVs

<img src="" /> <a href="">Last week</a>

Nippon Oil and Hitachi aim at mass-producing microbe-derived biofuel

<img src="" /> Major Japanese oil wholesaler <a href="">Nippon Oil</a> and Hitachi subsidiary <a href="h

Hitachi's develops brain signal-powered remote control

<img src="" /> We all knew this would come one day, especially since the basic technology has been around for some

Hitachi redesigns the SimpleDrive and ups the capacity to 2TB

<img src="">Folks, 2TB external drives are now coming out from everyone. Isn't it grand? <a href="
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