Hitachi Updates Its Amazing Naked-Eye 3D Display Technology

The CEATEC 2011 exhibition in Japan is just one day away, and Hitachi is already showing one of its coolest products: the company has been working on glasses-free 3D projection systems for years and is apparently making progress.

The newest version [JP] uses a set of 24 projectors, lenses, translucent half mirrors to superimpose 3D images on an object in the real-world. In the picture above, for example, the hatchling isn’t real, but the cradle is.

What’s cool is that several people can view the effect at the same time from various angles (see below), as Hitachi’s system has a horizontal view angle of 60° and a vertical view angle of 30°.

The company says that compared to the version shown last year, the system to be shown at CEATEC 2011 will boast depth resolution that’s 1.6 times higher.

Other companies, i.e. Sony are working on similar technologies, too.