Hitachi Develops 4.5-Inch, Naked-Eye 3D LCD Screen With HD Resolution

Hitachi announced [JP] a new mobile 3D screen today: the IPS-based LCD is sized at a respectable 4.5 inches, doesn’t require glasses to view pictures in 3D and has 400 cd/m2 brightness in 2D mode and 470 cd/m2 brightness in 3D mode. But perhaps the biggest selling point is the fantastic resolution of 1,280×720.

By way of comparison: the previous model Hitachi showed last year was sized at just 3.1 inches and had 480×854 resolution.

For the 3D effect in the new model, Hitachi moved from a barrier approach to a lenticular lens approach (see graphic above) to boost the quality of the images displayed.

The company says their new screen can be used in portable TVs, cell phones or handheld game devices.