Ladder raises $100M on a $900M valuation for a platform selling flexible term life insurance

Life insurance has had a new lease on life in the era of insuretech, and today one of the companies building a business out of rethinking everything — from target customers through to how to pro

Hedvig banks $45M to expand its millennial-focused insurance service in Europe

Millennial consumers are emerging as a key demographic in the insurance market, and today a Swedish startup that’s building a business catering specifically to their needs and priorities is anno

Sweden’s Hedvig raises $10.4M led by Obvious Ventures to build ‘nice insurance’

Hedvig, a Swedish startup, is following in the footsteps of Lemonade, building a new generation of insurance platforms that use AI to help evaluate customers and operate on a policy of using surplus f

Hedvig Launches Its New Distributed Storage Platform Out Of Stealth, Secures $12M Funding

The launch of a new storage platform, even a distributed one, may not get your heart racing, but Hedvig, which is launching out of stealth today and announcing a new funding round, has the kind of ped