Hard Drives

  • CrunchDeals: 640GB hard drive for $59.99

    Newegg has a pretty good deal on a 640GB Western Digital hard drive. It’ll set you back just shy of sixty bucks, which includes free shipping. It’s an OEM model with a 7200 RPM spindle speed, 16MB of cache, and a 3.0Gb/second SATA interface. Read More

  • Seagate releases an actual fix for freezing HDDs

    Remember those issues Seagate was having? No, not those issues; everybody has those right now (except Apple and Google). I’m talking about the thousands upon thousands of drives that have been freezing up due to a firmware issue. Seagate released a “fix” a while ago that took fixed the problem by bricking the drive, which was, needless to say, poorly received. Read More


    Not much to say about this other than yes, Western Digital will be releasing a 2-terabyte Greenpower 3.5″ HDD. The more important bit of this announcement for me is the fact that this will compress their pricing even further than it already is; I happen to be running out of storage at the moment and am considering buying a couple 1TB drives, which after this week should be $20 or… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 32GB SSD for $29.99 after rebate

    Hey, look at this deal! You can see what all the SSD fuss is about for just thirty bucks after a $60 mail-in rebate. Tiger Direct has the 32GB OCZ SATA II 2.5-inch solid state drive for $89.99 with a $60 mail-in rebate. The rebate deal is good until 11/30 – that’s tomorrow — so you’ll have to be relatively nimble if you want to see that $60 ever again. The rebate… Read More

  • Western Digital: "We'll do SSDs when we feel like it"

    Like Seagate, Western Digital doesn’t see a market to enter in the form of SSDs right now. They’re open to it, and eventually will make their mark, but at the moment it’s not compelling to them. I love this quote from one of their head marketing guys that makes it sound like the company runs on clockwork: Western Digital enters markets that exist, announces products when… Read More

  • Fascinating tour of a really sci-fi looking Seagate facility

    This superb slideshow at Tom’s Hardware shows the facilities and processes by which the hard drives we so often take for granted are created with unbelievable precision. The Springtown facility in Ireland is one of their primary sites. The yellow light is, I’m guessing, a wavelength that doesn’t affect the raw wafers’ surface. The processes are explained in some… Read More

  • Call it green: Toshiba's latest 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive cuts power consumption by some measure

    So Toshiba has a 2.5-inch hard drive that might interest you. The SATA hard drive ranges in capacity from 120GB to 500GB, the 500GB model being the jewel in Toshiba’s crown. They’re only 5400 RPM, so don’t expect blazing fast speeds or anything when you slide it into your laptop. There’s one other thing, and that’s that Toshiba claims, through some sort of… Read More

  • Kind of awesome: external HDD with a keypad for security

    Ahhh, this is very 24. I can see Jack Bauer pulling nuclear secrets off it after choking a terrorist to death with the USB cable. I don’t think that’s the image Lenovo is going for, though. In fact, its appearance is plain practically to the point of invisibility, looking more like a credit card reader than anything else. The passcode system allows for an administrator and up to… Read More

  • The horrifying sounds of broken hard drives

    What’s one of the scariest sounds you can hear come out of your computer? How about the telltale clicking of a broken hard drive? Once you hear that click-click-click you know it’s game over. Hope you backed up your data. Datacent, which is a data recovery company, has a collection of broken hard drive sounds that should put the fear of God in you. Note that the site has been… Read More

  • Hitachi also announces a 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive

    What happens when two companies announce almost the exact same product on the same day, each company making claims that it’s got the “first” of certain features? Nothing much, I guess. It’s sort of amusing if you’re into poking holes in techno-jargon. Today Fujitsu announced a 500GB notebook drive, as did Hitachi. Hitachi promises 1.4W read/write power… Read More

  • New Seagate and Dell HDDs with hardware encryption built-in

    “According to the United States FBI, a notebook computer is stolen every 53 seconds.” Also, twenty million kids are eaten by bats every second. That’s not according to the FBI, but it’s still relevant. Moving on, it appears that as the notebooks (of all sizes and persuasions) begin piling up in our society, there are predictably more and more lost. In an effort to… Read More

  • Seagate sees no money in flash memory

    Seagate are the hard drive guys. They make some of the best HDDs out there but they’ve never gotten into the SSD game. Why is that? Everybody’s doing it, right? Yes, says CEO Bill Watkins, but nobody’s making any money and nobody’s making anything that different from one another. Why get into a business where there’s no money or reputation to be made? He said… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 2TB network drive with built-in USB print server for $299 after $60 mail-in rebate

    Wow. I kinda wish I had $300 to burn and enough crap to put on this thing because a two-terabyte network drive with a built-in USB print server might look nice sitting betwixt my router and printer. Buy.com has the Cavalry network hard drive with two one-terabyte SATA hard drives that can be mooshed into a RAID array for $359.99, plus a $60 mail-in rebate that’s good until November… Read More

  • FireWire 800 now part of Western Digital My Passport Studio portable hard drive

    That Apple eliminated FireWire 400 from the MacBook Pro wasn’t lost on Western Digital, which just original story titlereleased a FireWire 800 version of the My Passport Studio portable hard drive. The HDD, which tops out at 500GB, is designed for mobile professionals—photographers and videographers—who need to carry large files with them. It weighs less than seven ounces… Read More

  • I can't tell if this HDD rack is awesome or budget

    It’s a hard drive rack. You puts your hard drives in the cases, and it stores your datas on the disks. Is hard to understand? Yes, maybe, if there is a switch that lets you choose the RAID mode apparently on the fly. Is it intelligent and starts reorganizing your data, like a Drobo? Or is it dumb, and if you switch modes in the middle of a write, it corrupts your data? Since it costs… Read More

  • Ruggedized, invincible HDDs for cars from Toshiba

    Is there really a market for this kind of storage? I can understand a ruggedized external hard drive for ruggedized laptops and such or bad conditions, but I never really thought too much of the rigors of car drives. But now that I think about it, computers operate in a pretty limited set of conditions, and a car’s internal hard drive for mp3s, GPS data and so on might go from 0 to… Read More

  • DroboApps: exactly what it sounds like

    So you got yourself a Drobo. It’s great, right? But, you think, I’ve got this little robot storing things for me. It reorganizes my data, it does intelligent backup. Why can’t we teach it a few new tricks? They’re way ahead of you over at Drobo HQ, where they’re launching DroboApps, a collection of applications that run on Drobo which have been cooked up by… Read More

  • Iomega releases 1TB network hard drive for $299

    Well, well. Seems Iomega’s put out a pretty affordable NAS hard drive in the $299 StorCenter ix2. There’s even a 2TB version for $479 if you’re really adventurous. This is a hopefully a good sign of things to come after Iomega’s merger with EMC earlier this year. Iomega promises an easy “four-click set-up” with the ix2 line and the drives include… Read More

  • TDK still pushing the boundaries of disk density

    I love that the technology TDK has used to increase maximum disk density to 803 gigabits per square inch is called “Tunneling Magneto-Resistance” and its replacement “Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Giant Magneto-Resistance.” Man, those sound like stuff you buy for your ship in Escape Velocity. The precision and force necessary to reliably etch magnetic information… Read More

  • DRM: Movies bought from PS3 online service can only be re-downloaded once

    Did you know that movies purchased from the PS3’s video service can only be re-downloaded once, and that’s only with the assistance of Sony? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. (Get it?) An Ars Technica reader deleted a movie from his PS3’s hard drive in order to free up some space. When he went to re-downloaded the movie, he discovered that he couldn’t. A phone… Read More

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