Seagate Streamlines Hard Drive Offerings With 1TB Per Disk Technology

Just a couple months after selling its 1 millionth hybrid hard drive, Seagate has some fresh news to announce, including the death of its Barracuda green drive and the announcement of its new enhanced Seagate desktop drives. The Barracuda, Seagate’s flagship, has been revamped to offer performance of 7200 RPM for every capacity — from 250GB up to 3TB.

Using 40mm fabrication technology, the dual-core Seagate Barracuda drive is now 45 percent faster. Thanks to AccuTrack technology, the drive boosts capacity, speed and performance by offering track density of 340,000 TPI.

Meanwhile, the Barracuda XT hard drive will be migrating over to solid state hybrid technology, which basically offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy hard drive capacity points at solid state speeds, all at a less expensive cost per GB. The Barracuda and Barracuda XT will now round out Seagate’s hard drive offerings, in an attempt to make the buying process that much easier for customers.

According to the company, the electricity savings from reduced RPM in Barracuda Green were totaling around 20 cents per year. When measured against productivity during the extra hours a faster and more efficient hard drive yields, it seemed like an easy decision. However, Seagate maintains that it’s still environmentally friendly as far as manufacturing goes.

The Barracuda drives will be available by the middle of November, with MSRPs starting at $71.99 for 1TB.