Toshiba D-BW500: Blu-ray/DVD/VHS recorder And 320GB HDD Rolled Into One

Some companies simply don’t forget about VHS: Toshiba Japan announced [JP] the D-BW500 today, which essentially is a Blu-ray /DVD and VHS recorder plus a 320GB hard disc rolled into one. The Swiss Army knife allows users to copy content from VHS cassettes on Blu-ray discs, DVDs or the HDD.

The D-BW500 also features REGZA link, a double digital TV tuner, an SDHC card slot (to view JPEGs and AVCHD files) and a USB port (even though it’s not possible to use an external HDD connected via USB).

Toshiba plans to start selling the device in the next few days on the Japanese market (price: $860).