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  • iDrive Debuts 1 TB And 2 TB Wireless Drives Offering Encrypted Local Backups And Cloud Storage

    iDrive Debuts 1 TB And 2 TB Wireless Drives Offering Encrypted Local Backups And Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage and backup company iDrive today launched its first hardware product sold directly to consumers and businesses, with the debut of the new iDrive Wi-Fi. The encrypted external drive offers either 1 TB or 2 TB in storage space and, as the name implies, includes wireless connectivity. This allows customers to back up their computers and mobile devices more quickly over their… Read More

  • Review: Iomega 2TB Mac Companion Hard Drive

    Review: Iomega 2TB Mac Companion Hard Drive

    Iomega’s Mac Companion hard drive is a 2TB ($349, 3TB model is $449) desktop drive with a few features that make it interesting to the average Mac (or PC) owner. While it doesn’t have the bells, whistles, and network access of many NAS and home storage devices, it does look good next to your iMac. The drive is clad in brushed aluminum with a black glossy top panel and a two-port… Read More

  • Seagate Streamlines Hard Drive Offerings With 1TB Per Disk Technology

    Seagate Streamlines Hard Drive Offerings With 1TB Per Disk Technology

    Just a couple months after selling its 1 millionth hybrid hard drive, Seagate has some fresh news to announce, including the death of its Barracuda green drive and the announcement of its new enhanced Seagate desktop drives. The Barracuda, Seagate’s flagship, has been revamped to offer performance of 7200 RPM for every capacity — from 250GB up to 3TB. Read More

  • Hitachi Announces First USB 3.0 External Drives, Bundled With Personal Cloud Space

    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (which was just acquired by Western Digital) has announced the company’s first USB 3.0 external hard drives, the so-called Touro Mobile Pro Portable Drive and the Touro Desk Pro External Drive (the bigger one in the picture). What’s special about these devices is the personal cloud-based back up solution they come with. Read More

  • Toshiba HDD Destroys Content Automatically When Connected To Unknown PC

    Toshiba announced [PDF] it has developed a series of self-decrypting hard drives that automatically destroy their content when connected to an unknown piece of hardware. The company says it’s the first to make it possible to configure such devices, for example to invalidate protected data by command or on power cycle. Read More

  • Gigabyte Unveils Utility To Allow Higher Storage Capacities On 32-Bit Systems

    Sometimes things get complicated and your old 32-bit machine can no longer handle the new array of 3 TB hard drives. You see, 32-bit systems cannot easily run more than 2.19 TB of hard drive capacity. If this problem presents itself, you have two options: upgrade to a 64-bit system or unlock your Gigabyte motherboard with Gigabyte’s new unlock utility. This only works if you have a… Read More

  • 1TB Platters Mean Huge Hard Drives Are Coming

    One terabyte? Pshaw. That’s so last week. Samsung just perfected a method for putting over 1TB on a single platter, allowing for 4TB hard drives at considerably lower cost. These drives could actually lead to 10TB drives for laptops and desktops, a fairly amazing proposition. Read More

  • 8-Bit Memory Take An NES Cartridge And Ups Storage A Few Billion Bytes

    If you consider yourself a gamer, then you likely have a few NES cartridges lying around the house. If not, leave now. Rather than letting them continue to collect dust, 8-Bit Memory turned a bunch into external USB hard drives. You can get whichever size and style you want and you can even get USB 3.0. Read More

  • Toshiba D-BW500: Blu-ray/DVD/VHS recorder And 320GB HDD Rolled Into One

    Some companies simply don’t forget about VHS: Toshiba Japan announced [JP] the D-BW500 today, which essentially is a Blu-ray /DVD and VHS recorder plus a 320GB hard disc rolled into one. The Swiss Army knife allows users to copy content from VHS cassettes on Blu-ray discs, DVDs or the HDD. Read More

  • New Toshiba HDD Withstands Extreme Temperatures, Can Be Used 24/7

    Toshiba announced [PDF] the MK1060GSCX today, a 2.5-inch SATA type HDD with 100GB capacity that’s designed for use in “rugged operating environments”. The company says the hard drive can be used 24 hours a day in computing, industrial and other non-conventional environments (i.e. in ATMs, ruggedized computers, factories etc.). Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1 TB External Drive for $64

    What will it be? A bottle of nice whiskey or a 1TB external hard drive? What will it be? Read More

  • Seagate Angry At Jobs' Heartless Cracks Against Hard Drives

    This is not your grampy’s hard drive. SSD isn’t so great, guys, OK? When Steve was all like “SSD is the future! Blah de blah blah!” he definitely wasn’t thinking of those poor hard drive manufacturers who dumped a fortune into mechanical disk factories! Quoth Seagate’s Steve Luczo: I would say though that from what we know of the offering for example Apple… Read More

  • 10,000 Hard Drives Stolen, Craigslist Hard Drive Market Crashes

    Thieves in Malaysia managed to drive off in a truck containing 10,800 Western Digital hard drives. Don’t expect to see the drives hit the market though, Malaysian police were able to identify the culprits, as they used to work at the warehouse the drives were stolen from. The Malaysian news site NST reports that the people driving the truck were in fact waved through security after… Read More

  • Seagate's Momentus Laptop Hard Drive Gains Key Government Security Certification

    Seagate has a laptop hard drive, yeah? It’s called the Momentus, yeah? It has self-encryption, yeah? It just secured the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology’s FIPS 140-2 certification, yeah? (Yeah.) Read More

  • True To Form, LaCie Releases Two New USB 3.0 Drives

    Clearly the world can never have enough storage… or enough monkeys. LaCie has released two USB 3.0 drives, the Rikki and the Minimus, for small business and personal use. The Rikki, which we’ve covered before, now has USB 3.0 connectivity and apparently goes well with Euros while the Minimus, above, involves a monkey. Read More

  • Iomega Won't Charge Premium For Upcoming USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drives

    Please be advised: from here on out all of Iomega’s portable hard drives will be fully USB 3.0 compliant. Of course, this is useless to you unless your motherboard works with USB 3.0, or you add a USB 3.0 card to your setup. (Don’t worry: Iomega sells those items, too.) Read More

  • Toshiba Lays Out Three New 2.5” Hard Drives

    On Monday, the Toshiba Storage Device Division released a new line of 2.5” mobile drives. These 7200 RPM SATA drives are designed for the more demanding user and are optimized for “demanding performance, power consumption, and durability requirements.” Excellent; bigger and better notebook drives are always nice to have. Read More

  • We live in a world where a 1.5TB Seagate Baracuda hard drive costs only $95

    Starting off your Tuesday with a quick deal. Amazon has a 1.5TB Seagate Baracuda (7200RPM, SATA II, 32MB cache) for $95—a full $100 off the regular price. Could make a fine storage drive, you know, for all those “digital photos” you have. Pretty sure “digital photos” is codeword for Blu-ray rips and the like. Read More

  • Hitachi unveils super-fast, super-slim HDD for laptops

    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced the Travelstar Z5K320 today, a new line of 2.5-inch mobile hard drives that are just 7mm thick. The HDDs will be available in capacities of 160GB, 250GB or 320GB. Hitachi says the new HDDs are the slimmest, lightest, and fastest in the industry (at least in this combination). Read More

  • Western Digital has sold more hard drives this year than Seagate

    Five hundred and fifty eight million hard drives were shipped in 2009. Think about that for a moment. Five hundred and fifty eight million. Of those, 175.2 million (or 31.4%) carried the Seagate brand name while 165.2 million came from Western Digital. According to The Information Network, WD pulled ahead in the first quarter of 2010, selling 51.1 million hard drives compared to… Read More

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