Guitar Hero

  • Video: The OpenChord V1 guitar lets you play Guitar Hero, Rock Band with a real guitar

    This is the OpenChord V1 guitar. It’s a guitar, obviously, but one that works with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Read More

  • Four hot chicks and a naked dude

    No, I’m not posting this for the fun of it, but I can’t tell you why I’m doing it either. Just watch the video and I’m sure you can figure it out. Sound off in comments if you think you know. Read More

  • Premium Guitar Hero drum controller from Logitech

    Logitech has announced a premium Guitar Hero drumset for the PS2 and PS3, priced at $229 and available soon. The kit features a stainless steel bass pedal and the drumheads and cymbals can be repositioned “to fit your reach and suit your style, helping you play faster and better.” Read More

  • New Guitar Hero controller gets delicate refinements

    Guitar Hero 5 will launch in September and with it, a slightly new and slightly-improved Guitar controller featuring, among other changes, an all-digital slider and colored dots along the neck of the Guitar which ought to make it easier to glance down and see where your fingers are. Read More

  • Review: Guitar Hero Smash Hits (Xbox 360)

    I’m no marketing wizard, but Guitar Hero Smash Hits could have been called Guitar Hero: Songs From The First Guitar Hero Games Before The Drums and Microphone Existed But Now You Can Play the Good Songs from Those Games on the Drums and Sing Too. Again, I’m no marketing wizard. And Guitar Hero Smash Hits isn’t a bad game at all. It is what it is, though: a greatest hits game. Read More

  • Video: The Xbox 360 Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller

    Xbox 360’s owners can soon stop being jelous of the PS3 Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller. Yup, soon they will be able to get their own premium wireless controller with a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, a virtually silent strum bar and metal frets. The controller is an official liscenced product so it should work seemlessly for Guitar Hero when it launches this August for $199. Read More

  • Guitar Hero 5 slated for September launch

    Activision has declared war against the most popular band of all freakin’ time. The fifth installment in the Guitar Hero franchise (aside from the band specific titles) goes on sale September 1st, which is eight days before The Beatles: Rock Band hits store shelves. Oh boy! If I were a betting man, I’d say the The Beatles are going to sweep this round. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero Metallica, World Tour, and drums for $99

    Time to load up on some Guitar Hero? If you own a Wii and want to skip all the foreplay, you can get a pretty nice bundle for just shy of $100. Read More

  • Logitech's $200 wireless Guitar Hero controller gets delicately groped

    Newsflash: people love Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You can tell because Logitech makes a $200 guitar controller that’s currently backordered 2 to 4 weeks. Read More

  • Fun rumor: Activision looking to turn Guitar Hero into a TV show

    Get ready for… Guitar Hero Idol, maybe! There’s some rumblings going on that Activision Blizzard is considering turning Guitar Hero into a TV show. It’d either be an American Idol-esque contest show or more along the lines of a reality show. (Those are still around, reality shows?) Yes, perhaps the dumbest idea to ever come out of the United States of America. Read More

  • Review: Guitar Hero: Metallica (Xbox 360)

    Short Version: If you’re a Metallica fan, this may quickly become your new favorite game. Drummers, too, will find the new Expert+ mode with double-bass pedal compatibility a welcome addition to the Guitar Hero series. Read More

  • There's a Kaossilator in my guitar! No, there's a guitar in my Kaossilator!

    By routing the four buttons on a Kaossilator to the buttons on a Guitar Hero guitar, James Haskin has created one of the coolest little electronic instruments I’ve seen in a while. The resulting mash-up makes it much easier to play the Kaossilator as an instrument rather than a standalone box on your desk. Read More

  • Lips wireless mic now compatible with Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: Metallica

    Here’s one way to increase sales of a dumb game. Oh, I’m sure Lips is a fine game for wannabe singers, but it’s not for me. Today, Microsoft announced that the wireless mics that come with Lips will be compatible with Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: Metallica. Support for RB2 won’t happen until the Summer, but the Lips mic works with GHM now. Microsoft promises… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: Leonard Cohen coming this summer

    Fans of 1960s mopefolk rejoice! Activision is releasing a new version of Guitar Hero featuring Leonard Cohen’s entire oeuvre including Suzanne, Bird on the Wire, and that one song that you listened to over and over again on your roommate’s turntable before he moved out and left you stuck with a $700 rent until you brought in that weird frat kid who ate Ramen and played Madden all… Read More

  • Guitar Hero cufflinks leave no doubt that you're really into not playing real instruments

    If you refuse to take up real instruments but insist on showing your love for Guitar Hero or Rock Band AND you have to wear a nice suit or a tuxedo more than two or three times each year, might I suggest these $50 Guitar Video Game Cufflinks? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero controllers for $20

      Best Buy is selling the wireless Les Paul Guitar Hero controller for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii for $19.99 each. You’ll have to pony up an extra $7.49 for shipping or pick it up at your local store, but even with shipping it’s still a pretty good deal. Guitar Hero Wireless Les Paul Controller [Best Buy via dealnews] Read More

  • Guitar Hero comes to PlayStation Home

    Today, Activision and Sony announced “Backstage with Guitar Hero” for PlayStation Home so players can congregate and accost each other virtually while watching GH videos and sharing their own greatest hits. There’s a GH themed mini-game that tests your mind, body and soul. Heh. Actually, it’s more like Simon Says where you have to follow a lead guitarist and mimic… Read More

  • Turn your Guitar Hero skills into real guitar skills

    Suddenly we will all turn into real rockstars when we get our hands on the Headliner Real Digital Guitar. Coming soon, it can be used as a standard electric guitar and as a controller for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. At a projected price of $250, I can’t imagine real guitarists would be anticipating this thing’s arrival. Maybe Guitar Hero/Rock Band fanatics with money and time… Read More

  • Standalone Guitar Hero World Tour instruments go on sale this Sunday

    You’ll soon be able to purchase the GHWT wireless drumkit and/or wireless guitar (presumably on all platforms) without purchasing the game itself. This Sunday, standalone versions of the instruments will go on sale – the drums for $100 and the guitar for $70. Read More