Rock Band 3 will teach you how to play a 25-key keyboard

Rock Band 3 is going to teach you something actually useful: playing-for-real.

Harmonix is giving gamers a 25-key midi keyboard to use with the new Rock Band 3. It takes gaming to a new level. You can learn real songs, and play quite well, right from you TV. If this works it could modernize the way people learn piano. Project director Daniel Sussman said they wanted to recapture the fun “that really started this whole phenomenon in the first place.” I’m not much of a gamer, but I am keen on learning the keyboard, so this is perfect for me. Now the question is..was this the original goal of the original Guitar Hero?

83 new songs are to be released with the new version. Also due for the release are two new guitars that will be “advanced.” You better get practicing if you plan to beat the neighborhood family of super-Rock-Band-players.

[via Gizmodo]