Guitar Hero Creators Launch Singtrix, A Karaoke Lover’s Dream

What’s your karaoke song? If you have an instant answer to that (or even if you don’t), pay attention.

The guys that helped create Guitar Hero, John Devecka, Charles Huang, and Kai Huang, along with music gaming pioneer and production company owner Eric Berkowitz, have today introduced a new product called Singtrix.

Singtrix looks like your average home karaoke kit, albeit more modern and aesthetically friendly, but it’s so. Very. Different.

Instead of having a pre-programmed library or karaoke-specific discs, Singtrix lets you sing karaoke to any song on your phone or tablet. The karaoke machine, for all intents and purposes, automatically detects the vocals on any track in your phone or tablet and removes them from the song, replacing them with yours instead.

All you have to do is plug your iOS, Android, Kindle or any device with a 3.5mm jack into the Singtrix and the machine does the rest.

It comes with a mic, a stand, a 40-watt 2.1 sound system complete with subwoofer, and a shelf to hold your phone or iPad. Users can also download the Singtrix Karaoke app (for iOS, Android and Kindle and powered by Karaoke Anywhere) to play over 13,000 songs with lyrics included. This requires a monthly subscription, but users can also purchase individual tracks.

Singtrix also uses special technology to make your voice sound better, or simply different.

For example, Singtrix offers 300 various vocal effects like reverb, that can make you sound auto-tuned, more on-pitch, or even sound like Barry Manilow. There’s also an effect called Live Harmony, which replicates your own voice over and causes a choral, harmonic effect on the song.

I tested it out and it really does make a huge difference in the way someone sounds.

In short, Singtrix destroys all the barriers between a group of fun people and stepping up to a mic. If you’re shy about your voice, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll sound like a star or, at the very worst, Selena Gomez. If the karaoke machine doesn’t have your song, just plug in your phone.

You can pick up a Singtrix at the website for $299.

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