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Spin raises $8 million as bike-sharing battle heats up in the US

Bike sharing has taken a turn in the U.S. The new mode is “dockless,” where companies distribute bikes around a city or campus to be rented per trip instead of dispensing them from one station. Th

Grishin Robotics Invests In Boston-Based Incubator, Bolt

Grishin Robotics, a Russian VC group dedicated to the commercialization of robotics, has dropped an unnamed sum into <a target="_blank" href="">Bolt</a>, a hardware incubator

RobotAppStore Raises $250K From Grishin Robotics To Take The App Distribution Model To The World Of Robots

The smartphone market, some argue, really took off after Apple introduced the first app store to make its iPhones more useful. Now a new startup hopes that the same might be the case for the fledgling CEO Starts $25 Million Fund To Spark Personal Robotics Start-Ups

Dmitry Grishin, founder of <a target="_blank" href="">Grishin Robotics</a>, believes that robots - personal robots, not boring ones like the Mars Rover - are the future.